Are you a Spiritual Seeker, searching for guidance, healing and deeper meaning to life? Or looking to connect with loved ones in the Spirit World? Faye Weber is a Medium & Channel, Akashic Records Practitioner, Shaman and Reiki Master, with over 20 years in spirituality and metaphysics. Through her services and classes, she helps to bring wisdom, healing and education to Lightworkers around the world. Services offered: Mediumship: Receive confirmation of the afterlife and connect with loved ones in the Spirit World. As an evidential medium, Faye will bring through evidence that your loved ones are still aware, conscious, and connected with you, through identifying information and loving messages. Akashic Records Reading: Get deeper clarity and understanding of your soul's journey. Discover past lives that may affect your present incarnation, heal old wounds, release negative patterns, and make positive changes in your current lifetime. Shamanic Healing: Reconnect with your soul's essence and experience deep level healing. Release negative energy, intrusions, and attachments, reunite with missing pieces of your soul, and become whole in mind, body, spirit and soul. (Often combined with Reiki or other healing methods.) Classes: Faye also offers spiritual & metaphysical classes in Psychic & Mediumship Development, Reiki Training & Certification, and much more, through South Jersey Psychic & Healing School, both in person at her office in Mount Holly and online.
Mount Holly, New Jersey
Mediumship, Akashic Records Readings, Shamanic Healing, classes in Psychic & Mediumship Development, Reiki Training

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