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Google Invests in Major Wind Power Project
$5B project could bring power from future offshore wind farms to customers on the East Coast via underwater lines.
How to Go Green this Halloween
Like all holidays, Halloween is increasingly commercial. Here are some ways to keep it simple.
Study Confirms Girls Starting Puberty as Early as 7
Video clip points finger at hormones in food, phalates, high BMI & BPA as possible culprits.
Egg Recall - 228M eggs, samonella outbreaks in 3 states
Factory farms that cram egg-laying hens into tiny cages are not only cruel, but they threaten food safety.
Take Action! Hold the Senate accountable on Climate Change!
Help break the fossil fuel industry’s stranglehold on our political system - click here.
Definition of "Downcycling"
Another reason we should migrate away from a "disposeable" society!

Massage is a Proven Immune System Booster
From Massageadvancer.com, keeping your immune system functioning at peak efficiency is always a good idea and is even...

Is H1N1 a real problem? Article & natural prevention tips
Here is an interesting article on how the government is handling the matter: "CDC officials have ridiculously...

NYT Reports Slowed Growth of Electric Use in North America
According to the New York Times, the recession and increased energy conservation have slammed the brakes on the growth...

Boulder May Charge at Trailheads - your thoughts?
My opinion is Boulder has every right to start charging people to use its open space. The County has made excellent and...

Boycotting Whole Foods: Productive or Petty?
This op-ed piece on healthcare in the Wall Street Journal by Whole Foods CEO John Mackey back in August led to a...

Excellent clips sum up the environmental issues in the Gulf of Mexico
From the Rachel Maddow Show: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PoCNGA1R9pE&feature=channel http://www.youtube.com/...

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