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I help busy parent, professionals and business owners, find the time to naturally achieve their health and life goals

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Leah Salmon The Naturally You Coach, Speaker coach, author and natural health enthusiast, Leah has worked with people of all ages worldwide over the past 9 years, helping them to use their foods, Metabolic Typing, natural remedies, lifestyle changes and their mindset to boost their health. More recently, Leah began to focus on helping busy parents professionals and business owners like herself to find time and motivation to achieve their health and life goals.
    Area's of Speciality
I work mainly with busy parents, professionals and business owners, who want to find the time to naturally boost their health and achieve their life goals
    Credentials & Trainings
I'm a Certified Metabolic Typing Advisior, I studied and obtained diplomas in nutrition, herbal medicine, irdiology and holistic diagnositc skills from The British School of Yoga
"I had the amazing opportunity to work with Leah to improve my diet, as I knew something was going amiss.

Little did I know that working with Leah involved more than just nutrition, but also dealt with wholistic aspects, i.e. mind and body.

Leah is very supportive, knowledgeable and easy to talk to which helps in building a good rapport.

She has helped me more than she knows and I am very grateful for all the help which she has given me and continues to give me through her ebooks, website etc.

I now know what foods are ideal for me ( which has improved my health) and how to plan my family meals.

Thanks Leah!!"

Lexy , London