The Healing Earth
The Healing Earth & Primal Fitness brings together the Sacred Ceremony of Peruvian Shamanism & Primal Movement


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Through The Healing Work of Peru you can come to know the world past the illusions of life. Find your essential self which has been long hidden perhaps even from yourself. In this work you will create deep and lasting healing in every area bringing it out into everyday life. Start your journey today with a class, workshop, healing session or reading.
    Area's of Speciality
The Energetic Healing Work of Peru. Intuitive Readings Therpeutic Massage Classes & workshops Weekend retreats Zumba Fitness Classes Please see the web-site for a full list of services, classes & workshops. and a calendar of events
    Credentials & Trainings
Pat Miller is a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist and merges the energetic healing work of Peru and therapeutic massage to create deep and lasting wellness in all areas of your life. Trained in the traditions of the Peruvian Shaman Pat has heard and answered the call of the ancient mountains stepping into service to bring the healing ways of Peru and the medicines of the Earth in sessions, readings, workshops, ceremony & fitness classes. Through her training both in the United States and through journeys to Peru Pat has received the initiation rites of the Andean Shaman.

Pat is also a certified group fitness instructor teaching Zumba, Zumba Gold, Zumba Aqua & Yoga. She can help you unlock your passion with a class that will move you body and soul! Her classes bring passion to fitness and create a fun and energetic exercise that brings out your primal self, your energetic core strengthening the body, as well as the spirit! Combing all of these creates a holistic approach to wellness deep in the energetic core of your being right out to the physical body.
Appointments available 7 days a week.
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We accept Cash, Check & Paypal payment.
“Pat Miller has been a serious practitioner of Peruvian Shamanism for nearly a decade and a practitioner of healing arts for much longer. Her knowledge, understanding, and compassion can not be measured. This is a person I am proud to know.” -Mace Gill