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The Center for Advancement in Cancer Education (CACE) is a federally-approved 501(c)(3) not-for-profit cancer information, counseling, and referral agency established in 1977. The Center specializes in providing nutritional, immunological, and psychological resources for cancer prevention, prevention of recurrence, and support during or after treatment. 

For 30 years, the Center has offered free individualized services through its National Call Center to over 28,000 cancer patients worldwide seeking integrative, complementary, and alternative medical options. Furthermore, through its National Awareness Campaign, the Center has provided cancer prevention education to many thousands more, as well as trained hundreds of doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals.  The Breast and Prostate Cancer Prevention Initiative, College Campus Outreach Initiative, Cross Country for Cancer Bike Tour, and Minority Outreach Trainings are four of the Center’s primary prevention programs.

OUR MISSION To provide education on how to prevent, cope with, and beat cancer through immune-enhancing approaches.


The steadfast focus of the Center’s work is geared towards cancer prevention education through lifestyle training. With the lifetime rate of cancer nearing one in two Americans, the Center focuses on primary prevention, not just early detection.  Because a large body of published research in prestigious scientific journals has demonstrated that up to 75 percent of all cancers are diet and lifestyle-related, we specialize in prevention education through lifestyle training, starting as young as possible.  These lifestyle factors include diet, exercise, stress management, and environmental exposures, among others.    

For diagnosed patients, the Center’s focus bridges the gap between conventional cancer therapies and those considered unproven by modern science.  Our whole-person approach focuses primarily on the patient rather than merely on the tumor. Short-term, we offer individualized resources and referrals that empower patients to make informed decisions, participate in the wellness process, and improve the quality and longevity of their lives. Long-term, we seek to change the medical focus of oncologic care from invasive tumor destruction to an integrative approach that emphasizes the body’s ability to repair itself and prevent recurrence.

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    Area's of Speciality


Besides our special philosophy, the Center has many unique attributes that set it apart from other cancer institutions and organizations and enable it to perform a special role in the fight against cancer.  

§   Our experience with over 28,000 patients puts us in a unique position to evaluate the confusing field of complementary and alternative therapies and to determine which programs have produced the best results for the most patients over the longest period of time. 

§   We charge no fee for service; all counseling on cancer prevention and treatment options is provided on a donation basis. 

§   We are generous with our time. One-on-one patient sessions last typically one to two hours, and we spend an average of about 15 hours per year with each patient. 

§   Our counselors are extremely sensitive to the individual and multiple needs of cancer patients; we assist patients in coping with information overload as they attempt to manage their cancer experience. 

§   As an educational rather than a treatment center, we have autonomy on medical issues and can provide unbiased guidance based on scientific research, clinical data, and decades of patient feedback. 

§   By examining deeply the various causes of each patient’s illness, we empower patients to prevent disease recurrence. 

§   We have no vested interest in any particular product, service or treatment choice: patient needs always come first. 

§   We are economical.  Nearly every dollar we raise is spent on services to the public, not on administrative overhead.

    Products/Services Offered


  • In-person or telephone counseling for cancer patients and families nationwide
  • Extensive national referrals to physicians and other healthcare professionals
  • Classes, workshops and lectures for the general public
  • Continuing education, in-services, training and consultations for healthcare professionals
  • Annual "Food & Health Expo" honoring National Nutrition Month
  • Immune Perspectives magazine
  • Health News & Views newsletter
  • Comprehensive reference library of more than 10,000 books, articles and recordings
  • Risk assessments and cancer prevention lifestyle consultations
  • National speakers bureau of professional health educators
  • Distribution of educational materials through our e-store, office, and health events
  • Research on nutritional and psycho-social aspects of cancer control


 National Call Center

Through our National Call Center, the Center provides information and counseling on nutritional, immunological, and psychological resources, as well as referrals for integrative, complementary, alternative and non-toxic treatment approaches. Our purpose is to aid in controlling and preventing recurrence of cancer by supporting and enhancing any medical choices a client may make.  To date, we have served over 28,000 individuals and their families nationwide.  


Through Integrative Lifestyle Counseling (ILC), we help clients design a holistic action plan to address multiple facets of their lives by modifying various lifestyle approaches. Our goal is to discover practical and manageable ways clients can make rapid, positive changes in their lives.  ILC is highly personalized, paying attention to logistical, financial, and geographic limitations as well as to the belief systems of the client. ILC may include referrals to healthcare practitioners to serve an individual's special needs.

National Awareness Campaign

  • Training for Healthcare Professionals

 Although working one-on-one with individual patients has been extremely valuable,  ultimately we know we can reach many more people by helping to educate healthcare professionals and clinicians.  Over the past three decades, the Center has provided hundreds of hours of continuing education for doctors, nurses, and other health professionals, as well as training for students of medicine, nursing, and psychology.   By continuing to present the scientific basis for examining, the criteria for evaluating, and the rationales for implementing preventive, nutritional, complementary, integrative, and alternative medical approaches into clinical practice, we hope to disseminate much-needed information to more and more healthcare professionals. 








  • Breast and Prostate Cancer Prevention Initiative

     Cancer of the breast and prostate are the most common cancers among US women and men. According to the latest statistics from the American Cancer Society, the National Cancer Institute and the Centers for Disease Control, about 215,000 cases of breast cancer and about 190,000 cases of prostate cancer will be diagnosed in the US this year.  Despite millions of research dollars, the incidence of prostate cancer has tripled since the 1970’s, and the lifetime risk of breast cancer has risen from one in 12 in the 1970’s to nearly one in six today. Because the most commonly recognized risk factors -- age, race and heredity – are uncontrollable, most prevention programs have been limited to genetic testing, PSA screenings, mammograms, and other early detection techniques. However, these risk factors account for only about 25 percent of diagnosed cases; the other 75 percent of breast and prostate cancer incidence is largely due to lifestyle factors -- which are controllable! 

    Based on scientific research confirming the power of diet, exercise and stress management to influence hormone balance and immune function, the prevention programs offered by the Center for Advancement in Cancer Education aim at diet and lifestyle training.  For the public, we present dozens of lectures each year on topics like “Prostate Cancer: The Diet Connection” and “Breast Cancer: Is it What You’re Eating or What’s Eating You?”  For individuals, we offer comprehensive lifestyle risk factor evaluations and coaching on how to minimize these exposures. 








  • College Campus Outreach Initiative

     The lifetime risk of cancer among the younger generation is now approaching one in two, and according to the World Health Organization, up to 75% of these cancers are diet and lifestyle related. Through our College Campus Outreach Initiative, we are partnering with sororities, fraternities, and other campus organizations, delivering nutrition and prevention talks, providing free educational materials, and training students to share this information with their peers.  Having begun with campuses in the local Philadelphia area, we are now expanding our partnerships with other student organizations to bring our empowering cancer prevention message to college campuses nationwide.    








  • Cross Country for Cancer Bike Tour

     In conjunction with our College Campus Outreach Initiative and in cooperation with the Mayor of Philadelphia’s Office of Health & Fitness – which is partnering with us in some local programming – we intend to spread awareness of the powerful role of diet and exercise in preventing cancer.  We will do this by creating youth-oriented local, regional and national biking events.  








  • Minority Outreach Training
  •  Medically underserved populations generally have higher rates of disease, especially breast and prostate cancer, and are diagnosed at more advanced stages than other groups. We have conducted successful training programs in cancer prevention through lifestyle education for African Americans at Philadelphia area hospitals, churches, and schools. Now we are expanding this model to reach minority groups in other cities around the country. These programs are targeted to specifically serve the African American, Native American, and Hispanic communities.

        Support Our Work


     Caregivers Circle

     The Caregivers Circle provides an opportunity for individuals to make a difference in someone’s life everyday. A tax-deductible gift of $100 will help sponsor a cancer patient for an entire year of free individualized educational, counseling and referral services. Even better, a gift of $300 will help sponsor three patients; a donation of $500 will sponsor five patients; and a contribution of $1000 will help underwrite services for ten patients for a complete year!  As a Caregivers’ Circle member, the individual, like the patients sponsored, receives our Immune Perspectives magazine and our Health News & Views newsletter. Because individuals are diagnosed with cancer 365 day of the year, our Board has set a goal to enlist 365 new members in the Caregivers’ Circle every year.


    Corporate Partners in Prevention

    Our Partners in Prevention program is a wonderful opportunity for companies to benefit from co-venturing with the Center. We have experience in addressing the concerns of employers regarding the impact of cancer on the health and productivity of their staff. In the past, we have been joined in our educational efforts by such companies as Wild Oats, Whole Foods Markets, Christina Cooks Public Television, Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Juice Plus+ and others.  A mutually supportive relationship provides an exciting educational and marketing opportunity for the company, while helping our Center to fulfill its crucial mission.


    The Center for Advancement in Cancer Education is a federally-approved 501(c)(3) charity supported almost entirely by donations. Your contribution will help us to maintain our services to the public and to promote the biological approach to cancer control. A copy of our official registration and financial information may be obtained from the PA Dept. of State Bureau on Charitable Organizations by calling (717) 783-1720.

    Join by Mail: Please  mail us your information with your check payable to: CACE, Suite 100, 300 E. Lancaster Ave., Wynnewood PA 19096. 

    You can also become a member online at

        Travel Details

    Telephone consultations are available by appointment.  In person consultations are also available at our home office location in suburban Philadelphia.  Please call to schedule.



    We have scrapbooks full of letters of appreciation and praise from both laypersons and professionals.  A few of their comments appear below.


    "Everyday I count my blessings and include you and your fine organization in my prayers. Your kind, yet very competent and confident attitude helped allay my fears and gave me the courage to face my life crisis. I am so grateful that you and the Center are there for people like me." –JK 


    "I first called you after relapsing from a bone marrow transplant for lymphoma…I asked if you could refer me to someone. You did. Since then I have learned a lot about food and nutrition, and…its impact on our health… My prior doctor told me that if I was extremely lucky I might go another 16 months. Well it is now 20 months and I feel great. I am leaving tomorrow to take my second snow skiing trip this season." –MR


    "I have written a personal story of hope and recovery from the deadly metastatic malignant melanoma from which my husband…has been declared the winner! He has made a marvelous, natural recovery and is better now than he has been in over 20 years! We wanted to express our gratitude for putting us on the path to good health! –PH


    "What a wonderful resource for support for cancer soldiers and their families/friends! Personally you have provided me with invaluable information…in my battle against colon cancer. I do not know what I would have done without the assistance of the Center." –CL

        Additional Information


    Despite very limited resources and ever-increasing demand, the Center has provided state-of-the-art prevention training, has performed exceptional services for individuals with cancer, and has added enormous value to the cancer community over the past quarter-century. Initially serving the Philadelphia area, then the tri-state Delaware Valley, we now serve people nationally and globally by communicating our information via mail, telephone, broadcast and print media, and the internet. In addition, we have offered extensive educational programming through presentations and lectures for lay and professional groups in nearly all of the nation’s 50 states and abroad. Among our accomplishments of which we are most proud, we have

    §  Provided, for more than 28,000 patients, personalized guidance that has greatly enhanced quality of life, significantly extended longevity, and in many cases resulted in complete recovery

    §  Organized and conducted 18 annual “Immuno-Supportive Cancer Care” conferences for healthcare professionals in which prominent experts from prestigious academic and medical institutions have presented their work in complementary and alternative cancer therapies, clinical nutrition, botanical medicine, psychoneuroimmunology and other innovative approaches

    §  Presented scores of lectures for medical and nursing schools and other professional training institutions, including the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing, Thomas Jefferson University School of Nursing, Helene Fuld School of Nursing, West Chester University School of Nursing, and Temple University School of Medicine   

    §  Sponsored and conducted hundreds of classes, workshops and lectures for the general public on nutrition, cancer prevention and holistic cancer care

    §  Created, organized and presented 15 annual Food & Health Expos honoring National Nutrition Month and featuring prominent speakers and quality exhibitors targeting improved nutrition awareness for the general public

    §  Developed and distributed customized cancer educational materials, audios and videos,   including   Breast Cancer: The Diet Connection  and Kitchen Chemotherapy

    §  Published a quarterly magazine, Immune Perspectives, for over 11 years and a periodic newsletter, Health News & Views, for over 20 years

    §  Sponsored our own research study on psycho-social risk factors in women with cancer, now in the final stages of completion

    §  Supervised practicums for nurses, social workers, psychologists and medical students and trained more than one dozen healthcare professionals and students on site at the Center’s facility

    §  Provided in-services and continuing education credits for  practicing oncology nurses, hospice nurses, and other medical professionals for dozens of institutions and organizations, including   the American Cancer Society, the Oncology Nursing Society, the American Holistic Nurses Association, and others

    §  Become sanctioned as a United Way specific care charity and made presentations at dozens of Southeastern Pennsylvania United Way corporate kickoff campaigns

    §  Made over 60 presentations at patient conferences and support groups sponsored by many hospitals and organizations, including the University of Pennsylvania Cancer Center, Hunterdon Medical Center, The Breast Cancer Resource Center, the Breast Cancer Symposium, and Mercy Hospital

    §  Participated as presenter and exhibitor at several national and international conferences on complementary and alternative medicine, including Comprehensive Cancer Care, Health Freedom Expo, the Dead Sea Conference, and the National Conference on the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine

    §  Been featured on hundreds of television and radio talk shows and webcasts including CN8 and Your Cancer Today

    §  Been featured in scores of newspaper and magazine articles nationwide, including the Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia Magazine, Natural Awakenings, Prevention magazine, and South Africa’s largest family magazine

    §  Been published as a full chapter in three books (Hess, Evaluating Alternative Cancer Therapies; Mizrahi, Potentiating Health and the Crisis of the Immune System; and Voell and Chatfield, Cancer Report) and received mention in several other books on CAM approaches to cancer

    §  Developed a website,  that serves as an educational arm of the Center

    §  Received over $200,000 in corporate and foundation grants, including $25,000 from the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and $30,000 from Philadelphia area Whole Foods Markets

    §  Created and delivered breast cancer prevention training programs to more than 500 medically-underserved African American women in the Philadelphia area

    §  Provided prevention education programs on numerous Philadelphia area college campuses, including Haverford College, Temple University, La Salle University, and others

    §  Designed and implemented a series of dinner lectures on dietary prevention of cancer in cooperation with  Philadelphia area restaurants and food stores

    §  Sponsored and starred in an episode of “Christina Cooks” TV show aired on Comcast CN8 in over four million homes in the Mid-Atlantic Region


    §  Formed strategic alliances and developed corporate partnerships with companies like Whole Foods Markets, Heintzman Farms, NSA, Plastaket Manufacturing and others


    §  Been featured in the 2003 “Options – Healing Cancer Holistically” calendar