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Uphavista Paddotanasana @ Supatha Yoga in Frenchtown NJ

Warm up stretch @ Supatha Yoga in Frenchtown NJ

Sri Lakshmi Devi, E-RYT, RPYT, RCYT of Supatha Yoga in

Sri Lakshmi devi in Triangle Pose at Supatha Yoga in Frenchtown


Supatha Yoga and Personal Fitness
1031 County Road 519 #134
Baptistown, NJ, 08803
United States
Main Phone: (908) 996-9642
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Su'path'a: "through the Divine path within." Based on the yogic philosophy Pratipaksha Bhavanam (the art of substituting a negative thought with a positive thought). Developing self-awareness and compassion through practice, you will begin to realize that reality is manifested first by investing energy into a thought, then by cultivating that thought through action, which sequentially creates the story of our lives.
 Grow to be empowered. Mind - Body - Spirit

Drawing on her wealth of knowledge & joyful, compassionate sense of humor Lakshmi creates a safe, fun and nurturing environment for practice…Individual attention to each student helps to accommodate current abilities and offers attainable challenges. Instructions are detailed and easy to follow; guiding in a gentle, non-competitive way. Encouraging you to “Honor your Body”...where it is right now...without judgement.

A senior member of the International Yoga Association Sri Lakshmi Devi is recognized as an Experienced Yoga Therapist with Yoga Alliance, having over 8000 hrs of teaching/study and 40+ years of teaching/practice.  Holding numerous certifications and accreditation in the fitness industry including a degree in Functional Anatomy of Movement for injury & illness from Mount Sinai School of Medicine and is an Accredited Fitness Coach with the Osteoporosis Foundation & Arthritis Foundations of America. Sri Devi achieved her initial Yoga Training Certifications under the skillful guidance of Sri Swami Satchidananda founder of INTEGRAL Yoga Institute in Coimbatore India; an esteemed Spiritual Leader honored with the Albert Schweitzer Humanitarian Award and dedicated his life to the cause of Peace, both Individual and Universal. In 1991 Lakshmi embarked on her lifelong path of loving kindness with His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama; Tenzin Gyatso, with in-depth studies on Depression and Human Behavior and is a practicing Ordained Interfaith Minister, Reiki Master & Spiritual Coach since 1999.