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Star Angel Whisper Reading with me angelic beings bring forth their messages - Angels, Saints, Ascended Masters

Cecelia J Barndt


Bethlehem, PA, 18017
United States
Main Phone: (610) 868-5446
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Welcome and Blessings.  I am Cecelia Barndt, and I am a Star Angel Whisperer.  I have been connected to Spirit since I was a little girl and my life's journey has helped me to harness my gifts of seeing, hearing and knowing Spirit to help others along their own path.

My story began with the ability to see the deceased and angelic beings as a child.  My parents understood my gift but feared that I would be misunderstood.  They encouraged me to hide my talent in order to 'blend in.'  However, a near-death experience in my early 20's heightened my psychic perceptions dramatically and I agreed with Spirit to embrace my abilities for healing.

My professional career in counseling mirrored the development of my spiritual gifts.  My degrees in theology and psychology enabled me to obtain positions as a hospital chaplain, an elder counselor and a drug and alcohol counselor as well as director of mental health services in my area.

But it was a 'randomly' chosen book, "Healing with the Angels," that showed me my path and allowed me to do my true healing work.

I am connected to Angels and have been my whole life.  So are you.
In a Star Angel Whisperer Reading Light Beings bring forth their messages - Angels, Saints, Ascended Masters - all Beings of Light with your highest good as their purpose.  Even souls of departed loved ones come through.  All with a wish to connect, nurture and support you, aiding you on your path to your highest potential.

I am honored to be allowed to assist in this Divine Communication through my ability to channel the messages of your guides and guardians.  I believe I have been sent to open peoples' minds to God and the infinite possibilities of the New Earth.

There are few gatherings more festive than one in which each of your guests receives an Angel reading.  In addition to private readings, I am available for 'Angel Parties' or as an enhancing addition to any event, with half-hour readings per person.  And because it is so important to introduce our children to their etheric guides in a gentle and nurturing way, I also offer 15-minute readings for children using Unicorn cards which the little ones love!

In my mission, I also perform Reiki and IET in addition to Star Angel Whisperer readings and pure channeling.