Sonnewald Natural Foods
Providing natural, organic, sustainably produced products & nutritional information since 1955


Lancaster County (York), PA
4796 Lehman Road
Spring Grove, PA, 17362
United States
Main Phone: (717) 225-3825
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Good health comes from the farm--NOT the pharmacy!

(Pennsylvania Dutch for “Sunny Forest”) Natural Foods is located on a 60-acre farm in Stoverstown, 8 miles southwest of York, PA. It may be the oldest existing chemical-free farm and natural food store in Pennsylvania. We have been providing natural, organic, and sustainably produced products, nutritional information, and educational opportunities since 1955.

The store began in the Lefever family's utility room, where they would grind whole wheat into flour for friends and neighbors. Over the years, their relentless search for the truth about health, and their desire to share what they were learning resulted in steady growth.

The Sonnewald tradition continues today with an 8,000 square foot retail store and a booth at Morningstar Marketplace in Thomasville. Future plans include a discount natural foods store and cafe in the village of Stoverstown and the creation of the Sonnewald Life Institute.

Our goal is to provide products, education, encouragement, and inspiration for our customers.
    Area's of Speciality

Produce, supplements, bulk foods, natural groceries, natural body & beauty care, sustainable/green products, small applicances, discounted books, free health literature, community events & classes, local radio show

    Products/Services Offered

Produce Department

* Quality nutrient-dense, health-rebuilding, and life-sustaining REAL FOOD
* Wide selection of certified organic fruits and vegetables
* Local and in-season chemical-free and/or certified organic produce when available
* Open-pollinated and/or heirloom organic seeds

Supplement and Information Area

* Excellent selection of vitamins and minerals
* Single herbs and herb blends in tablets, capsules and liquid extracts
* Homeopathic and Bach Flower remedies
* Essential oils and medicinal teas
* Ear candles and foot detox patches
* Supplies for making your own natural and medicinal products
* Huge selection of books on all aspects of health (always discounted 20%)
* Lots of free literature

Bulk Foods Room

* Temperature-controlled for maximum freshness and nutrition
* Over 150 bins containing a wide variety of grains, beans, nuts, seeds, dried fruits, pastas, granolas & snacks
* Baking mixes, baking ingredients and many grains cracked or ground on request
* Natural salts and sugars
* Bulk herbs and spices
* Our famous Sonnewald Energy Mix

Additional Items

* Full line of groceries, many certified organic, such as tea, coffee & coffee substitutes, non-dairy beverages, juices, protein powders, canned goods, oils, condiments, sea vegetables, natural sweeteners, nut butters, cookies, crackers and chips. Unique grocery items such as fresh, local whole-grain baked goods and granolas, local raw honey, assorted natural sweeteners for diabetics, and gluten-free products
* Refrigerated foods featuring raw goat and cow milk, assorted raw cheeses, free-range eggs, fermented vegetables, non dairy and ready-to-eat items
* Frozen items: breads (including sprouted, wheat-free, gluten-free, and yeast-free options), quick meals, vegetables, desserts, oil-rich nuts, antibiotic and hormone-free red meats, chicken and fish
* Baby and children’s specialty items
* Large selection of personal care products
* Household cleaners, paper products, and pet food
* Juicers, dehydrators, yogurt makers, grain grinders, water filters, full- spectrum light bulbs, nut and seed grinders, sprouting supplies, and a small selection of unique kitchen wares
* Water filters, stainless steel bottles, glass jars, old-fashioned milk bottles and carriers
* Full-spectrum light bulbs, devices for electro-magnetic protection, and exercise trampolines



Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 10 to 6
Wednesday: 10 to 6
Thursday: 10 to 6
Friday: 10 to 9
Saturday: 8 to 5
Sunday: Closed

    Additional Information

Check our website for current events, such as the Annual Sonnewald Earth Day Celebration. Radio show with health info and guest speakers on Sundays.