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Rose City Acupuncture
3806 SE Belmont St
Portland, OR, 97214
United States
Main Phone: (503) 964-3422
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I first learned functional anatomy and biomechanics as a personal trainer and noncompetitive body builder. My background in fitness gives me an advanced understanding of muscle and joint problems, including chronic injuries. My other specialties are stress/anxiety and sleep
disturbances, and I treat everything from migraines to foot neuropathy, including hormone and digestive trouble.

When a car accident left me crippled and housebound, I went from a rock-climbing martial artist to living on my couch in constant pain. Once I discovered acupuncture and osteopathy my body was finally able to heal itself. That experience and the complete recovery that followed gave me a greater understanding of the emotional and physical effects of chronic pain. I can truly say that I've been there, and I know how to help you come back to being yourself.

I only see one patient at a time: Your comfort and privacy are my priorities!