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Annette Labate
Bensalem, PA, 19020
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flemington, NJ, 08822
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I am a Reiki Master teacher and healer. I also perform Chakra and Aura healing and clearing sessions.  I believe we all have an inner wisdom and power to heal. I enjoy helping people to bring that out in themselves and feel whole again,and in charge.

I offer Reiki classes in Bensalem Pa. and Flemington New Jersey

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    Area's of Speciality

Teaching Reiki Certifcation Classes Attunements to open the heart to love and connect to the Universal Reiki Energies. Reiki sessions, gentle touch for healing. Spiritual Counselor. Chakra and Aura cleansing and healing. Tarot Readings email. phone or in person.

    Products/Services Offered

Reiki healing sessions,and Certification classes can open your heart chakra and bring love and compassion into your life, and help you gain the ability to handle negative emotions like anger,hatred jealousy and fears, In doing so life will become joyful and healthier.

    Credentials & Trainings

I received certification in reflexology at the Medical Mission sisters and also studied  anatomy with them. 
  I studied psychology and Women Studies at Temple University, and  received my Reiki Masters and Teachers certification at the Spiritual Healing and  Learning Center. Also studied Eft. energy work.  
A few years ago I had a profound experience during meditation. An angel came to me and stroked my cheek and a current of electrical vibration went through me, to my feet and back. This happened three times. I experienced a wonderful feeling of love and protection. When I explained it to the nun that I worked with she said 3 meant  the trinity. That it was a message from God. The angel also conveyed to me that everything was going as planned and that I wiil see in time.  It's a wonderful feeling to know that God is watching. Everyday I see the plan evolve as I teach and do my healings.

 I also have studied Spiritual Metaphysics and Indigenous Religions and have an interest in Buddhism  and have traveled to Chiang Mai, in Thailand. We were there to give a lecture on gems at the Chiang Mai University and to visit the Buddhist temples including Wat Phrathat temple which sits on top of the Doi Suthep Mountain.  

For 5 years I ran a support group for divorced and widowed people.


Reiki ! Certification class in Flemington New Jersey January 30 2016
Reiki1 Certification class in Bensalem Pa. January 18 2016 

Reiki sessions are ongoing email me for a time.

Psychic Tarot readings for guidance are ongoing.


10am to 8pm

    Payment Details

I prefer cash.

Annette's Reiki is Awesome. I will be back. My Chakras were blocked and she cleared and stimulated them, and I felt so much better. I had a sore throat when I arrived there and after the Chakra healing my sore throat disappeared. Thank You Annette. S.D.
Annette's Angel reading was comforting and healing. 
Thank You! 
I have taken Reiki Healing Sessions from Annette Labate many times, even when I am not so stressed. I enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and I like that Annette uses Angels for her Spiritual Healing. I was a Catholic Nun and I love Angels.
Trish. C.
I had headaches and couldn't fall asleep until 4 a.m. for years. I didn't know what Reiki Spiritual Healing or Healing within was about. but I tried a session with Annette and my headaches disappeared and I was able to fall asleep earlier. I didn't know I could be so relaxed. I definitely would recommend a Reiki session with Annette Labate  I know now what "Healing within" means by learning how to relax my body and my mind. My mother was so happy to see me fall asleep earlier. Thank You Annette. Tracey M.
 I have taken Reiki 1 and 2 with Annette and she is so kind and a good teacher. She is very supportive. I am sending distance healings now as well as healing myself and my children. Rachael 
Thank You so much Annette for healing my family. I tried your suggestion of not eating bread or any flour for a week.  I am amazed at how my children healed in only one week. Alice R.  R.N.
I went to a doctor because I felt like I had a lump in my throat. He said there was nothing there. I saw Annette's ad and I decided to try Reiki. I was in tears not knowing what to do. I had to travel far but it was well worth it because she healed me. Shana
    Additional Information

Reiki classes and healing sessions are in Bensalem, Pa. and flemington N.J.


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