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Packets of the most potent and tested Chinese herbs: Energy, Sleep, PMS Relief & Menopause. No fillers only pure herbs.

iSleep Herb Pac - 20 Packet Box


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Packets of herbs dried into granuels have been on the OTC market in Asia for years. Now for the first time they are available in the U.S.  We start with premium herbs, cook and dry them and immediately package them into stay fresh individual packets.  Made by the number one producer of herb granuels in the world KPC.   I'm a Licensed Acupuncturist and have extensivly studied Chinese herbs and herb manufacturing.  I personally visited herb factories in China and Taiwan searching for the best supplier. 

The potency and safety our of Pacific Herbs products is outstanding.  Herbal products in capsules can't compare because they are 50% filler just to make put the powder into capsuls.  Pacific Herbs packets have no filler. 
PMS Relief Herb Pack
can be mixed in hot or cold water to drink once daily for all the uncomfortable symtoms during the mestrual cycle. No need for liver damaging pain killers.   iSleep Herb Pack will give you a calm, restful night of sleep with no side effects, no morning grogginess. Drink as a cup of tea before bed.
Menopause Relief Herb Pack work fast to relieve hot flashes and night sweats.
Energy Booster Herb Pack gives you a natural energy high and a clear head without caffeine or sugar.

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