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The idea began during the biggest ice storm the Midwest had seen in many years and we had lost power for days. Many in the area lost power for weeks!  When it was finally safe enough to venture out on the roads, we went looking for all natural candles to warm us and give us light at night. Palm and soy wax candles were available in the stores, but they were very expensive and highly scented, likely with artificial fragrances, which we were trying to avoid. So I began making soy and palm wax candles from sustainable sources using natural essential oils. We decided not to purchase new "containers" from a manufacturer, and instead started looking for glass containers to "rescue" from local yard sales and thrift stores. Local retailers showed interest in having a local candle artisan making all-natural candles, natural oils, and recycled containers, and an idea took flight.

Our candle and business philosophy is to keep the loop closed as much as possible... Sustainable, recycled/recyclable, renewable. We even offer to recycle candle containers when the customer has finished with them in order to continue to lifecycle. Shortly after we initiated the candle venture, I began creating hemp beaded bracelets and painting Mehndi (henna) art, because we couldn't find a local Mehndi artist for a spiritual festival we were participating in. As the creative juices flow and the artistic opportunities present themselves we will continue our adventure, just as long as those opportunities are truly sustainable and Mother Nature approved.
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All natural soy or palm wax candles lightly scented with essential oils in rescued containers
Mehndi body art
Hemp beaded jewelry
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