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Develop your innate psychic abilities and communicate with your angels


Balanced Living Institute
Locust Grove, VA, 22508
United States
Main Phone: (540) 854-4841
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Everyone has had mystical experiences at some point in their life- particularly as children. We are all psychic! But many people suppress these psychic abilities. When you develop your intuitive part, it can be a practical tool to direct you to the right path in your life.

When you develop your psychic abilities you will also become more in tune with the help of your angels/spirit guides. You have a wealth of wisdom available to you if you just learn to communicate directly with your angels. Your angels will help you discover your life purpose and truly live it.

Balanced Living Institute offers workshops, groups and consultations to assist you in developing the gifts you have innately within. We are about practical spirituality and it will help your life!