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Entrepreneur helping people drop 3 sizes in 10 minutes without fad diets, strenuous exercise, expensive surgery, shot or pills. Offering one of a kind nutritional, skin care & reshaping products developed by doctors, health & wellness practitioners. Our products to change people inside & out!!! Permanent reshaping, restore & revive yourself MIND, BODY & SOUL!!! Business opportunities also available. IT PAYS TO KNOW ME...ASK ME HOW!!!

    Products/Services Offered
Free Consultations
*Available in all 50 states
Reshaping Garments
 *developed by orthopedic dr.  *Permanent reshaping, Improve posture, reduce abdomen, firm buttocks, 
Organic Nutrition
*antioxidants, vitamins, minerals 
Natural Weight loss Products 
*from makers of MAC & Chanel
    Who We Serve
Women, Men, Seniors, Family
Call the schedule consultation. Will Travel
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Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Debit

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5.0 out of 5 stars The best all over body shaper HANDS DOWN!!, June 2, 2009
By Jeanna Thompson "Monster mama" (Austin, Texas United States) - See all my reviews

"I have tried many, many shapers out there, including all the top brands. This is by far, the best brand I have ever tried. Not only is it comfortable, but makes me feel confident again! My clothes look great on me, and this one has several added benefits that other ultra firm/firm shapers I have tried do not. It really does help my posture a great deal(something I have struggled with since high school, I am 42), and my back feels so good in it! This truly does give great back support, which is only enhanced by good posture. It slims all my not so slim areas, and instantly I feel good all over. My abs and back have never been the same, since I delivered my son by way of an emergency c-section, 5 years ago, despite my extremely active, (intense exercise, strength training and cardio, regularly) lifestyle. This Ardyss shaper not only makes me feel more confident, but physically good. Another huge benefit for me, is it slims the area that all the others I've tried seem to overlook, or do not provide enough support in-the lovehandle area. Although this garmet is pricey, the construction of it is amazingly sturdy, so I know it will last a long time with proper care. Lauren Silva is the best company to buy this brand from, in fact, the only one I know that carries the line. You must pay attention to the size chart, and make sure you get the correct size. I absolutely love this product, and will buy more of it and another style, as soon as I can afford it. Extremely well worth it"

Body Magic as Seen on NBC News