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We see it all across America; individuals are increasingly taking control of their health in order to live life to the fullest! You will lose weight with the Gene Smart Program. But more importantly, you will learn five simple diet and exercise principles that harness the power of your genes to improve your overall health and energy, reduce whole body inflammation, decrease your risk of chronic diseases and help you get the most from life every day. Join the Gene Smart Movement and Start Living Abundantly!

Reap Extraordinary Health Benefits
Boost Your Energy
Lose the Weight You Want Without Feeling Hungry

  • It's Easy. The Gene Smart Program includes five diet and exercise principles with delicious food choices that work with your genes to help you live longer and healthier
  • It's Revolutionary. The program leverages the latest understanding of how our food and exercise choices interact with our genes, especially the genes that control inflammation. Reducing whole body inflammation is important because many of our largest and fastest growing health conditions have an inflammatory component including heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, allergies & hay fever, asthma, dermatitis, psoriasis, Crohn's disease, Alzheimer's disease, cancer, depression and others.
  • It Works. Each diet and exercise principle has been validated in large scale scientific studies and the full program has been validated in a clinical study with amazing results.

Gene Smart  - Live Abundantly!
    Products/Services Offered
Our mission at Gene Smart is to help you be successful. We have developed a range of products specifically designed to help you on your journey with Gene Smart. You will notice that we don't sell lots and lots of supplements, but only a chosen few that are specifically designed to support the program with the right types and levels of bioactives that can be difficult to get in foods alone. And, to make living and tracking the program easy, we created a one-of-a-kind Daily Journal specifically for the Gene Smart Program. And, of course, we sell The Gene Smart Diet book that provides the full Gene Smart philosophy, science, clear program guidelines, and recipes for the first 5 full weeks of the program.
  • Lasting weight loss and optimum health; reach these goals with The Gene Smart Diet book, featuring a complete and satisfying menu with every meal and snack developed to the Gene Smart guidelines.
  • Because GLA is not readily available in today's food, you will need to get your GLA from a supplement, like Gene Smart’s Borage Oil.
  • For most, it will be difficult to get the right levels Omega 3 from fish alone; using a high quality product such as Gene Smart’s Omega 3 can ensure that you have enough Omega-3s in your diet.
  • While it is recommended to incorporate a high amount of fruits and vegetables in one's daily diet, some may need help ensuring they get enough of the right polyphenols every day. Adding Gene Smart’s Pomegranate and Green Tea Extract Polyphenol Blend will boost your polyphenol levels, making sure you get the right quantities each day.
  • Set yourself up for success, and write it down with the Gene Smart Daily Journal - designed specifically for the Gene Smart Program to help you stay on track and follow the five key program principles.
The Living Abundantly Program

Living abundantly is lifestyle – a purposeful way of living each day – fueled by thoughtful choices about what is important, how we spend our time, how we treat our physical bodies with food and exercise, how we nourish our Mind and our Spirituality, and how we connect with others.

The Gene Smart Living Abundantly Program is designed to empower whole health by making the connection between a healthy body, mind, spirit and community. The program uniquely integrates our proven Gene Smart diet and exercise principles together with time honored spiritual and self-discovery practices, all in the context of a supportive environment that empowers individuals to incorporate healthy behaviors into their everyday lives for the long-term.

One-of-a-Kind Program
The Living Abundantly Program uniquely integrates the essential role of a healthy mind, body, spirit and community to achieve a life lived abundantly. The program is designed to revolutionize the way participants feel about themselves, their communities, and their health, exercise, spirituality and eating habits.

Each Living Abundantly Program is hosted by a church or community organization, and incorporates professional guidance form a Certified Gene Smart Coach who leads and facilitates the program's highly interactive sessions.

The Living Abundantly Program’s diet & exercise principles are based on the research of Dr. Ski Chilton, Professor of Physiology at Wake Forest University and author of Inflammation Nation and The Gene Smart Diet. The program utilizes the latest understanding of the relationship between what we eat & how we exercise, our genes and our health with unique emphasis on proven approaches to reduce whole body inflammation and promote healthy active aging.

Integrated into each program session are time-honored spiritual and self-discovery practices co-developed with CareNet of North Carolina, a respected faith-integrated counseling network of North Carolina Baptist Hospital.

And, thanks a specific emphasis on strengthening community and ways to embrace the role of spirituality in our lives, participants are supported in their personal goals to lose weight, reduce their dependence on certain medicines, acquire increased energy and enjoy improved self image. Moreover, healthy behaviors are sustained for the long-term through structured community-led support.

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