Functional Integrative Therapeutics
Functional medicine practitioner offering patients health analysis and holistic wellness in Point Pleasant, New Jersey

Functional Medicine Doctor in Point Pleasant, NJ


Functional Integrative Therapeutics
1401 Beaver Dam Road
Point Pleasant, NJ, 08742
United States
Main Phone: (732) 451-4033
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Dr. Mark Guariglia DC, CFMP at Functional Integrative Therapeutics offers patients a comprehensive health analysis and a holistic, natural approach to wellness. He achieves this by providing an in-depth review of their health records, clinical evaluations and both conventional and functional lab tests. Dr. Guariglia then provides them with nutritional advice and guides them in diet, exercise and lifestyle modification in order for them to reach their specific goals. Individualized programs are available for some patients based on their present state of health, our findings and their needs and desires.

Functional Medicine • Health and Wellness Coach • Alternative Holistic Therapies
FIT is located at 1401 Beaver Dam Road
Point Pleasant New Jersey 08742


For more information, or to schedule an appointment, call 732-451-4033