Enlightened Healer Society
Health/fitness professionals and healthy llifestyle advocates contributing to an enlightened planet.


Enlightened Healer Society
PO Box 86011
St. Petersburg, FL, 33738
United States
Main Phone: (727) 542-7117
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The Enlightened Healer Society was organized to acknowledge and bring together present day awakened healers from a broad spectrum of the healing arts, and to educate and inform those who are interested in an holistic approach to health and well-being. Sponsorship of annual symposium and a quarterly magazine are part of the society's activities.

The Enlightened Healer Society will be sponsoring the first annual Enlightened Healer Symposium on October 16th and 17th at First Unity Campus in St. Petersburg, Florida, bringing together 15 world-class healthcare, fitness and nutrition experts to help raise awareness of the value of living a healthy lifestyle, the joy of living positively, and the many health and wellness options available in today's world. The mission of the society to contribute to an emerging enlightened populationo on the planet and an enlightened perspective on loving healthcare and wellness. We believe that this may be the only compassionate, workable, "universal" plan.
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The Enlightened Healer Society sponsors an annual Enlightened Healer Symposium bringing together traditional and complementary healthcare, fitness and wellness experts, publishes a quarterly Enlightened Healer Magazine, and offer free (on facebook) membership as well as Active Membership. Register at www.enlightenedhealers.com