Continuum Wellness
Homeopathy and Holistic Healing Sessions focusing on mind, body, spirit wellness


P.O. Box 43176
Philadelphia, PA, 19129
United States
Main Phone: (267) 296-4607
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Continuum Wellness is a Philadelphia based wellness practice. It is the love child of Catherine Carter, CCH. The focus is on improving and restoring health by helping you to heal from within.  Using the therapeutic approach of homeopathy and holistic healing sessions you can strengthen your health.  I am a certified classical homeopath and wellness coach.  The holistic healing sessions help you to heal your story and rewrite your script.

I also create wellness/intention jewelry, and sell crystals to enhance your well-being.

Serving clients thoughout the United States by phone and Skpe.  

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    Area's of Speciality

Distance homeopathic care and holistic healing.

Classical homeopathy
Holistic coaching, healthy living workshops and classes
Crystal healing
Intention Jewelry

    Products/Services Offered

Classical Homeopathy
Holistic Coaching
Intention Jewelry

    Credentials & Trainings

Graduate of the Teleosis School of Homeopathy and certified the the Council for Homeopathic Certification.  I have been practicing and studying homeopathy since 1996. I am a Level 2 Reiki practitioner, reflexologist, artist and creator of herbal products, jewelry and wellness guides.


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