Alexandra Rose - Spiritual Alchemy, Inc.
Spiritual counseling, rebirthing, conscious integrative breath therapy, EFT


East Cobb Office
2790 Sandy Plains Rd. Suite 201
Marietta, GA, 30066
United States
Main Phone: (404) 234-5580
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     My formal education began with a Bachelor's in Social Work, always knowing that I wanted to work with others. At mid-life I reached the realization that I was not happy living the "American Dream" and needed to change myself and undertook various alternative therapies. I found myself in breathwork, and the results SO excited me, so changed my life that when the opportunity to train in this arrived, I leapt at it.
    Over the next few years, I undertook training in 3 separate breathwork techniques. I found Rebirthing to be the most empowering for the client, and least apt to contribute to dependencies. I also love the affirmations which organically emerge in these sessions, and the transformations that occur in working with them.
    This work brings you to the fullest, richest life you envision. Unsure what that is? I can help.
     It is my honor to assist you in experiencing healing, peace and freedom from whatever is holding you back.