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At Abiding Reiki we promote safe,holistic and alternative healing treatments through Reiki.


Abiding Reiki
1409 Hunting Horn Lane
Frederick, MD, 21703
United States
Main Phone: (301) 696-9676
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Our alternative and holistic treatments use Reiki to promote wellness. Treatments are gentle and do not require invasive procedures. There are no tests, no doctors, no needles, no medications, and no side effects. We facilitate this noninvasive, gentle, non-medical, spiritual , holistic alternative treatment by the movement of energy through the chakra system. 

It is my intent to use the gifts and talents I have to bring light and to be a facilitator of wholeness and wellness.   I am here to offer assistance to those who need it. It is my belief that any move towards wellness and wholeness should be approached carefully, and with reverence and respect.

Each individual is different. No two souls are the same. Along with humility it is my belief that I should strive for faith, discernment, and most of all love. It is the Universal Love or Light that does the ultimate work. It is with positive intent for the greater good of each soul that I provide a path to wellness through Reiki. I believe in basic respect and reverence for the individual client and their needs. It is very important to me to understand each individual and tailors a session accordingly. 
    Area's of Speciality
I provide Reiki treatments for any and all ages.  As well I have volunteered in hospice at Seasons Hospice in Baltimore Maryland.  Under the auspices of Dr Harold Bob I helped launch the Reiki practitioner program which provides comfort and aide not just to dying patients but to their caregivers and family members.
    Products/Services Offered
Reiki Classes offered one on one:
Japanese style Reiki

Reiki sessions by the half hour or by the hour
    Credentials & Trainings
Trained under the Reiki Center of Greater Washington, Rockville Maryland under David Gleekel.
As well trained under Amy Roland for Japanese Reiki and as well Tom Rigler.
In January 2005 I received my Master in several modalities. In order to keep up with my Reiki education and practice I am involved in ongoing Reiki educational classes and clinics. I am a certified Sekem-Seichim Reiki Master, Usui Master, Usui Okuiden Shoden Shinpiden Master, Gendai Master, Lightarian™ Reiki and Karuna® Reiki Master
Available for one on one classes.  Call or email for more information
Monday through Friday 9-6pm
Weekends available if necessary, call for further information
    Travel Details
Traveling  available to Frederick Maryland, Gaithersburg Maryland, Rockville, and parts of DC and Baltimore
    Payment Details
Check or cash
Abiding Reiki Testimonials

Robin Littlefeather provides a safe and incredibly healing space. She is intuitive, caring, and sensitive. She has been remarkably on target in her intuitive process and I find her healings not only comforting but amazing. I would highly recommend Robin Littlefeather as a Practitioner to anyone who wants to experience Reiki. From: A.C. 1/10/07

I have been fortunate to have Robin Littlefeather performing Sekem-Seichim Reiki on me for the last couple of months. In these months I can say with all honesty, that I have been receiving an energy that is both physically and spiritually attuned. I knew she would be teaching SSR facets I & II to a class. I had to get in. As great as a practitioner she is, I was positive she would be as great a teacher. I love being right. The class was filled with an amazing energy. Feather has us learning with the workbooks, information, techniques, and knowledge, all flowing effortlessly in this energy, in her care. Feather is attuned herself to Reiki. I know that I am blessed for meeting Feather, discovering Reiki, and constantly feeling the energy through her. Thank you. From C.C. 2/6/2006