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Saturday, March 24, 2018 -
Sunday, March 25, 2018

Sat 3-24: 9am-9pm & Sun 3-25: 9am-8pm



SummerHawk Wolf
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Appointments are available weekdays and most weekends in the morning, afternoon, or evening. 

  • Melchizedek Light Activations

  • Etheric/ Auric Surgery and Armor Removal   

  • Emotional Cord Cuttings

  • Melchizedek Light Ascension – follow up to Light Activation

  • Sealing Ritual


Melchizedek Light Activation

This ancient modality enables you to awaken your Spiritual potential and access higher levels of your Spiritual Consciousness. Become aware of and sensitive to the movements and guidance of the Divine in your life. Know who you are to the core of your Being and open to the universal flow of Spiritual Abundance and prosperity. Your divine Etheric blueprint is that of your True Self - who were always meant to be and therefore do the work you are meant to do. Manifest your gifts, align to your power within and live with strength, passion, courage, compassion, and self-awareness.
Etheric/ Auric Surgery and Armor Removal is an integral part of the Activation.

Etheric/ Auric Surgery and Armor Removal   

There are Etheric/Auric structures that impede the flow of Divine Light and Energy and physical health and well-being. Removing Etheric structures and blocks is Etheric/ Auric Surgery. The session begins with a Body Scan 3 inches above your physical body in your Etheric (or Auric) body and those structures and blocks can then be removed with your permission. Once removed they cannot return – they are transmuted and re-absorbed into the Universe. The once-blocked energy flow (like a kinked garden hose) is now free-flowing and healing permeates to the cellular/microscopic level.

This healing modality is for anyone feeling a need to do deep healing, remove Etheric blockages and assimilate their shifts. While this is an integral part of the Melchizedek Light Activation, it can be done prior to it. And it can also be a supportive and nurturing follow-up to continue, assimilate, and delve into the shifts begun in the Activation.


Home/ Space/ Office Blessings and Clearings
Bring the energy of your home/ space/ office into alignment with your Spiritual vibration. This allows blocks to be dissolved and abundance and prosperity to flow in all aspects of one’s life. 

Clear stagnant energy and residue of thoughts and emotions rising from everyday living, and the more potent energy arising from emotional disturbances, illness, trauma or death at a location.

A House / Space/ Office Blessing / Clearing is recommended for places where paranormal activity is escalating in intensity.

Every room is Blessed, including the land (pre-dating any structures), shared walls (as in condos, twins, etc,) are energetically reinforced.

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