Channels of Divine Wisdom with Kathy Milano
Enhance your translation of Divine Wisdom by accessing the Archetypal support of the Transmitter, Scribe, and Oracle
Soul Sanctuary
110 Marter Avenue
Suite 206
Moorestown, NJ 08057
United States
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Saturday, February 18, 2017

9:30am - 12:30pm

Kathy Milano
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Join Kathy to explore your potential to channel Divine Wisdom for yourself and others.  Everyone is intuitive and possesses the innate potential to translate information from the Field into digestible, empowering messages. This hands-on workshop will allow you to jump in to practices which enhance the light within, open intuitive channels, and easily clear doubt and interference. The intent is to relax and playfully open to learning more about how you work. As each individual is unique in their perceptual ability, it makes sense that everyone translates Divine information in a way that fits well with their intuitive style. Kathy will offer a light transmission that will ease concerns as it strengthens your intuitive pathways.

Working within a coherent field of high vibration and the mentoring of the Archangels, you will be guided to access higher information and translate Divine Information in a variety of ways. Kathy will introduce the group to three archetypal styles of Wisdom Transmission. The Transmitter introduces transmission of light and frequency through intent and the body. The Scribe translates Divine Wisdom through a variety of written or pictorial messages. The Oracle shares light information through the spoken word. Explore how you may deepen into the gift of becoming a Channel of Divine Wisdom for yourself and be empowered to share this gift for the benefit of others. Bring a journal and your open, curious mind. 

$55.  Register online or via email. Thank you.