Ayahuasca Curandero Initiation Course
A six week introduction into the principles of shamanic healing in the ayahuasca traditions of the Peruvian Amazon.
Allpahuayo-Mishana National Reserve
Iquitos, LO 00110
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Sunday, April 10, 2011 -
Monday, April 11, 2011
The course begins at 3pm on April 10, 2011 and ends at 11am on May 21, 2011
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A Traditional Initiation into Curanderismo

This course is intended for people who want to take their study of the Amazon healing more seriously. Students will spend 40 days straight with the shipibo curandero don Enrique at a remote jungle camp, drinking up to 18 times. We will be following true plant diets with two sacred and powerful plants in solitude.

Students will be following a traditional, authentic shipibo initiation, except that the accommodations in the jungle have modern amenities like running water and a gas stove. The food will be prepared by the curandero don Enrique’s wife, Wilma, who is also a healer and has studied the science of curanderismo for many years. Students will receive initiate’s clothing made by Wilma, according to the shipibo tradition. The curandero don Enrique leads this course with total attention to the students and to the teachings of the science of healing so that everyone sees, hears, experiences, and understands plant spirit medicine to the most profound level possible in their 40 days in the Amazon Rainforest.

The course consists of doing plant diets, vapor baths, and taking plant remedies, learning icaros, remedy preparation and administration, massage therapy, soplaying, chupando, prayer, and ceremony procedure. Students take part in making the ayahuasca used during the course, as well as other plant remedies. In just six weeks students learn enough to begin treating patients and holding ceremonies.

The Total Cost of the Initiation Course: US$3250

Here is the itinerary for the Initiation Course:

SUNDAY – Arrive and move in to hotel for two nights. Meet the other students and curandero.
MONDAY – Visit the Belen market for any supplies and tour an indigenous culture museum.
TUESDAY – Go to the jungle camp and settle in. Ceremony discussion. CEREMONY #1
WEDNESDAY – Begin the first plant diet with the tree ayahuma by fasting for three days.
THURSDAY – Have your hands painted to signify you’re in the diet. CEREMONY #2
FRIDAY – Tobacco and soplaying workshop with your new pipes. Vapor baths of ayahuma.
SATURDAY – Continue vapor baths with ayahuma. Learn the first icaro. CEREMONY #3

SUNDAY – Continue Vapor baths until every student has received them.
MONDAY – Vapor baths. Plant medicine baths. Begin meditation. CEREMONY #4
TUESDAY – Vapor baths finish. Medicinal plant treatments and discussions continue…
WEDNESDAY – Learn second icaro. Make chacapas, important healing tools.
THURSDAY – Agua florida workshop. Learn the ‘chupe’ technique. CEREMONY #5
FRIDAY – Vision discussions. Meditations continue. Practice the icaros with the chacapa.
SATURDAY – Medicinal plant remedy preparation and administration. CEREMONY #6

SUNDAY – Jungle walk to learn about plant identification and medicinal properties.
MONDAY – Another medicinal plant preparation workshop. CEREMONY #7
TUESDAY – Rest and relax for a day. Practice soplaying and singing the icaros.
WEDNESDAY – Medicinal plant discussion, connecting with the spirits. CEREMONY #8
THURSDAY – The Ayahuma diet ends. For two days we eat food with a little salt and oil.
FRIDAY – First ceremony led by a student with Enrique’s guidance. CEREMONY #9
SATURDAY – Take part in the preparation of the sacred brew ayahuasca.

SUNDAY – Begin diet with Eucalyptus, starting with a two day fast. CEREMONY #10
MONDAY – The 2nd half of the course features curandero-guided student-led ceremonies.
TUESDAY – Fast ends. Learn third icaro. Vapor baths with eucalyptus. CEREMONY #11
WEDNESDAY – Prayers to open and close the ceremonies. Science of healing discussion.
THURSDAY – Prepare ayahuasca. Receive ayahuasca vapor baths. CEREMONY #12
FRIDAY – Practice the icaros. Continue meditations. The student led ceremonies continue…
SATURDAY – Medicinal plant remedy preparation and administration. CEREMONY #13

SUNDAY – Bone and joint alignment and therapeutic massage workshop. Learn fourth icaro.
MONDAY – Student led ceremonies continue. Vision discussion. CEREMONY #14
TUESDAY – Walk in the jungle to learn more about the plants and the medicinal properties.
WEDNESDAY – Practice the icaros and the dances for the end of the diet. CEREMONY #15
THURSDAY – Continue to practice, going over any questions with don Enrique and Wilma.
FRIDAY – Study the icaros and practice the dance as a group. CEREMONY #16
SATURDAY – Final questions about the students future as healers in their home countries.

SUNDAY – The final student led ceremony. Continue to practice. CEREMONY #17
MONDAY – Final discussion about healing. Questions and answers. Dress rehearsal.
TUESDAY – Diet ends with a sacred ceremony. Enjoy delicious food. CEREMONY #18
WEDNESDAY – Final day in the jungle. Celebrate with the jungle community nearby.
THURSDAY – Head back to town and spend two nights in Iquitos. Internet, laundry, etc.
FRIDAY – Visit a butterfly conservatory and an indigenous tribe. Dinner with don Enrique.
SATURDAY – Receive course certificates and get gifts or medicines. Say your goodbyes…