Awaken to Spirit Level I Channeling Intensive
Awaken your Spiritual Intuition: Clairvoyance – Clairaudience - Clairsentience - Claircognizance
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Bethlehem, PA 18020
United States
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Saturday, June 2, 2018

10am - 6.30pm

SummerHawk Wolf
610-954-0885 e.s.t. USA
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The Awaken to Spirit Intensives give you the tools to understand how to use your energies and gifts.
Through personal communion with your Higher Self, Guides, and Ascended Masters be guided in your life.

Receive an energetic attunement to “re-wire” your Etheric energy to more easily reach a meditative state and access higher levels of your Spiritual Consciousness.

The Awaken to Spirit Intensives are available for those seeking to deepen their Spiritual knowledge.

If you feel new to your conscious Spiritual Journey and label yourself a beginner or if you have been studying for years you will learn to direct those gifts.

Intensive Level I – Basic
Learn the fundamentals of:

  • Grounding and meditative states

  • Etheric fields and energy

  • The Shamanic Assemblage Point

  • Sacred Circle for Protection in Sacred Space

  • How to journey in other dimensions safely

  • The different types of Channeling

  • Cues to recognize your Higher Self information.

Be immersed in 6 Guided Journeys in which you will:

  • Receive an energetic attunement to “re-wire” your Etheric energy

  • Access higher levels of your Spiritual Consciousness.

  • Meet your Higher Self

  • Access your Sanctuary

  • Receive Spiritual keys to self-empowerment and abundance

  • Merge with and balance the 4 elements and elemental forces of earth, water, air, fire –

  • Manifest abundance and prosperity in all aspects of your Spiritual and physical life

Investment $299 -  includes manual, is presented in PowerPoint along with oral teachings and guided journeys.
10 am to about 6.30 pm with 30 minute lunch break.
A non-refundable deposit of $100 is required 2 weeks in advance to register and reserve your space.
Less than 1 week prior late registration non-refundable payment of $311 is required.  
Use PayPal for Intensives deposits & payments!
call  610-954-0885 to register or for info or email

NEW for 2018 Private one-on-one teaching over UberConference.
Long-distance Awaken To Spirit Channeling Intensive Level I ^^^

Long-distance trainings are taught  through over the computer –  it allows screen sharing in order to see the PowerPoint presentation.

Some of the requirements necessary for the distance trainings:

  1. Log into with sent link (free).
  2. Computer with a webcam.
  3. Headphones – ones that plug into your computer. This way you be able to hear clearly for the teachings and journeys.
  4. Be alone in a quiet room – it is very important that you be uninterrupted for the duration of the Intensive.
  5. Print out e-mailed handouts I send to you prior to the workshop. You’ll need to have them ready the day of Intensive as I will be referring to them and they will be your notes as well.

Investment for distance Intensive: $333,
8 ½ hours^^^, private long distance one-on-one teaching. 
Includes manual and is presented in PowerPoint by screensharing on Skype along with oral teachings.
A non-refundable payment in fullis required 2 weeks in advance to register and reserve your space.

Use PayPal for distance Intensive registration!

^^^ with different time zone from eastern USA it may be necessary to schedule 2 consecutive days.

Please contact for available dates and times and to register: or call 610-954-0885 e.s.t. USA


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