AngelicEnergetics™ EveryONE Level Training
AngelicEnergetics™ offers you an 8 Ray Path of Remembering your Divine Wholeness.
Soul Sanctuary
110 Marter Avenue, Suite 206
Moorestown, NJ 08057
United States
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Saturday, March 5, 2016 -
Sunday, March 6, 2016

9:30 am - 5 pm

$188 Contribution

Kathy Milano
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AngelicEnergetics™ is an Angelic energy healing method intended to assist you in the restoration of your natural state of wellbeing. This process, known as True Healing, empowers your potential to directly experience your own precious worth, deepen your connection with the Divine, and access greater peace in life. As you experience healing in disrupted areas of life, awaken inner competencies, and rediscover your Essential Nature, you learn that you can navigate Life’s joys and challenges more WholeHeartedly, Soulfully, and Meaningfully. Under the guidance of the Angelic realm, AngelicEnergetics™ was created to facilitate and empower you along this beautiful Journey to Wholeness.

AngelicEnergetics™ involves conscious partnership with the Archangels of the Seven Rays who offer Divine Light transmissions to restore the harmonious flow of Life Force energy (qi, chi, prana) throughout your being. An AngelicEnergetics™ session begins with an invitation to partner with the wisdom of your Soul as you open to the highest possible outcome with the assistance of basic WholeHearted energy psychology and energy medicine techniques. Within this quantum model of healing, Divine energy functions as the healer while your energetic structure (Sacred Light Matrix) is the designated recipient. When transformation occurs at the foundational level of your energetic structure, every area of life may be affected as all are interrelated. Every session offers a unique nurturing experience and an empowering take home practice to reinforce the benefit of the Divine Light transmission. AngelicEnergetics™ sessions have a cumulative, broad effect and work with Life’s unfolding in a nonlinear fashion to reveal your path of transformation. Paying attention to inner wisdom, outward invitations or synchronicity, and inclusion of Angelic Energetics™ method in your PlayBox may serve the essential process of Awakening to your Wholeness.

AngelicEnergetics™ training begins with the EveryONE level and is open to anyONE interested in personal transformation, healing, and spiritual development. The EveryONE level introduces the foundational principles and techniques of AngelicEnergetics™. These include the Angelic guidance which led to the creation of AngelicEnergetics™, Model of Wholeness, masculine Archangel and feminine Archeia pairs, 7 Rays of Divine Light frequencies, basic energy psychology and energy medicine practices, and protocols for AngelicEnergetics™ self sessions and planetary lightwork.

This two day EveryONE Level training involves the first 3 Rays of the 8 Ray Path: Angelic Partnership, Angelic Mentoring, and Angelic Empowerment.By the end of the training, you will be able to conduct the basic AngelicEnergetics™ sessions for yourself and engage in planetary lightwork. This level is a prerequisite for the AngelicEnergetics™ Practitioner level (along with an additional self-practicum and support conference calls).

Visit the AngelicEnergetics™  webpage for more information, payment plan information, and registration.