Angelic Empowerment: Sacred Multiplicity
Kathy Milano, PhD, ATP will share the Angelic teachings of Sacred Multiplicity as you are a multidimensional being.
Circle of Miracles
10 Beulah Road
New Britain, PA 18901
United States
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Sunday, January 30, 2011
1:30 - 4:30 pm
Kathy Milano, PhD, ATP
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View Event Website
The Angelic Realm supports you in moving into a New Paradigm where they function as Empowerment Coaches. Rather than look outside of yourself to the Angels to heal you or provide answers, these Heavenly Helpers share techniques for you to use in support of personal expansion, beautiful soul expression, and harmonious living. Serving as coach and amplifier of your innate power, the Angelic Realm reminds you of your multidimensional nature with the potential to access skills, talents, and high vibrational qualities that exist within your Sacred Multiplicity.

Kathy will share the Angelic teachings of Sacred Multiplicity and working as a multidimensional being across time and space to access more of your Wholeness. This practical magic allows you to work in harmony with your Broadest Being and the Angelic Realm to call forth the talents, skills, and qualities that you can use today. This experiential workshop will help you expand your understanding of yourself and offer techniques to apply in all areas of your life. Please bring a journal.

Kathy is being hosted by Susan Duval Seminars.  Kathy will be presenting the Inspirational Message at the 10 am celebration at A Circle of Miracles.  All are welcome to join this nondenominational services.