Sara GreenbergAre we reinventing the wheel with all of this new-fangled technology? What great "old fashioned" ideas would help us live greener? When I was a kid we had milk delivered to our doorstep every morning, in glass bottles that must have been reused dozens of times. There was no waste and tremendous convenience! We also drank Coca-Cola out of glass (naturally BPA-free!) and water out of fountains. What simple ideas do you have?
McLean, VA - 9 yearss ago
Shealy HealyHi Susan, You must be my sister. I would love to see more nature respecting spiritualities become influential on our present religious organizations and community as a whole. Then, our planet, government, corporations..... would be under the inspection of those children who are products of a spirituality that loves nature. Our planet would be green. Shealy Healy I actually used the term "old-fashioned" in an article just written on the subject. It should be published here next month. That is why I suggested we are sisters. We seem to think in a similar manner. Thanks for the discussion, Shealy Healy
Ellicott City, MD - 9 yearss ago
Susan KlineAfter milk wasn't delivered anymore we went to a dairy farm and bought our milk in glass containers. In the not so distant past my health food store carried organic milk in glass bottles. I just had to remember to bring them back! We can buy the new green products which are helping to remind people to be environmentally conscious or use some of the old fashion ones like baking soda and vinegar. I know numerous people that use vinegar to clean.
Camp Hill, PA - 9 yearss ago
Barry ChenkinRain barrels - old fashioned? What a simple product to assist with storm water management. Better designed products from Aquabarrel make that overflowing rain barrel a thing of the past too ;-)
Gaithersburg, MD - 9 yearss ago
Nicole SchmidI believe that going back to neighborhood schools would be a win-win idea. We could cut out the busing system cutting back on major amounts of gas emissions. We would bring a stronger sense of community back; children, parents and teachers/faculty would know each other better, living near one another,and build stronger relationships. We would also put an end to children waking extremely early and standing on street corners waiting on their buses and getting home from long bus rides late at night. Just a thought!
Wilmington, DE - 9 yearss ago
Melissa Baker-LhermitteI would like to buy Non GMO vegetables from my local Grocer and Hormone free milk. I would like food producing and body care manufacturing companies to go back to making their original whole natural ingredient recipes like in the early 1800's, instead of adding oleates and such. Organic Consumers had an article on body care products nowadays being human carcinogens. Even Whole Foods Markets own body care products.
Philadelphia, PA - 9 yearss ago
Greg JenkinsI just bought a glass orange/lemon/lime juicer/reamer I picked up at Marshalls for like a dollar. It works better than the electric ones which are full of plastic parts. It is also easier to clean and will likely last my lifetime. Hard to believe this item is so hard to find and a collectible.
Washington, DC - 8 yearss ago
Conny JasperI like to buy items in bulk. I buy brown rice, quinoa, barley, lentils, split peas, etc in bulk. I use old glass jars to store them in at home.
Somerset, NJ - 8 yearss ago
Sara GreenbergI am loving all of the ideas. My husband installed our beautiful oak rain barrels last month!
McLean, VA - 8 yearss ago