Susan KlineLately I have been waking up around 4:00am pretty wide awake. I know this is a great time to get up and meditate and do my yoga, but I've been feeling resistance. This morning instead of rolling over and ignoring the process I just laid there and felt my resistance with curiousity. What was I resisting? I realized I was focusing on what I didn't want to get up and do. I asked myself what gets me up in the morning, and I don't mean the alarm clock. What in my life excites me? What do I enjoy. I felt my senses enliven as I focused on feeling. I got out of bed and felt the floor under my feet. I enjoyed my interaction with my cat. His beautiful markings, soft fur and purring. I enjoyed the crisp air outside and then the warmth of returning to my home. This energized me to start my day and the task I wasn't looking forward to came easier. What makes you feel good?
Camp Hill, PA - 9 yearss ago