Amanda Warton
Here is are WSJ and NPR articles discussing the 5 cent plastic bag tax's positive effects - namely, that use of plastic bags is down by an estimated 60%.

What do you think of this type of tax?
Washington, DC - 8 yearss ago
Conny JasperI don't think that plastic bags should be taxed. We have enough taxes on so many other things. I prefer the incentive of stores giving patrons 5 cents for bringing a re-usable bag. I like incentives rather than penalties.
Somerset, NJ - 8 yearss ago
Greg JenkinsI think it is a good thing. The reason is stores themselves are the biggest wasters of plastic bags. A good example is a cashier using two bags for a single item that already has a handle.

Incentives are good, but sometimes a little pain is needed to make positive change possible. What's nice about the bag tax is it doesn't prevent people with less from making purchases.  

An incentive to return bags is a good one. The problem is someone, think Kramer and Newman, would purchase a large box of bags in a neighboring state and take them to DC for a nice profit.  They wouldn't have the same problem as trying to relocate bottles and cans for refund. 
Washington, DC - 8 yearss ago
Sara GreenbergSan Francisco has banned them at grocery stores and some will give you a 5 or 10 cent credit for bringing your own bags. Whatever works!
McLean, VA - 8 yearss ago