Anya EdwardsColin Beavan, a.k.a. "No Impact Man," recently posted the following thoughts on environmentalism on his blog, Please respond to this discussion by posting any thoughts this prompts for you.
  1. Happier planet = happier people.
  2. You make a difference.
  3. Our culture is broken.
  4. The personal is political.
  5. Economic growth ≠ Life satisfaction growth.
  6. Jobs are paramount but we should work to make our planetary home better not worse.
  7. The concept of zero sum game is for people with zero sum brains.
  8. There is a better, happier system out there.
  9. If thine eyes (or thine economic system) offends thee, pluck them (or it) out.
  10. It’s not about having less. It’s about having more. The question is: more of what?
  11. There is dis-ease in our culture. People yearn for something better.
  12. People are trustworthy and altruistic and good and will do the right thing if you let them.
  13. This does not deny the fact that normal people act abnormally in abnormal situations.
  14. Love and good company, the chance to be of service and to matter, connection to something bigger, the use of our most prized talents—these things make most people happier than stuff.
  15. Being responsible for the world is not a burden. It is freedom from victimhood!
  16. My happiness cannot be complete unless you are happy, too.

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Bethesda, MD - 8 yearss ago
Greg JenkinsNo Impact Man is the title of his documentary which is available on Netflix - good movie. It is about a young family living in NYC that tries to have zero environmental impact. For example, they go months without electricity in their NY apartment.
Washington, DC - 8 yearss ago