Kat JohnsonI'm interested in websites or strategies you use to make sure your wardrobe and beauty regimen is earth friendly.
Washington, DC - 9 yearss ago
Amanda WartonI saw this today, great concept. I'll never forget the hundreds of plastic bottles I saw on Martha's Vineyard on my honeymoon. Jewelry That Helps Save Our Oceans http://su.pr/1sFddw
Washington, DC - 9 yearss ago
Susan KlineWhen I shop I've been looking for more products containing bamboo. I've found socks, underwear, bedding. Scotch Brite 3M makes bamboo clothes I for the cleaning and non-scratch scour pads from 50% natural agave plant. I would love to fill my closet with organic cotton and other natural fibers, but I do a little at a time as I can. My cosmetics use is pretty light these days. I do use organic products to remove make up and wash myself.
Camp Hill, PA - 9 yearss ago
Lisa RhodesI go to a lot of weddings and I really like this site www.recyclemydress.com that way I can wear my dresses again!
Fountainville, PA - 9 yearss ago
Conny JasperI make my own natural hand sanitizer. I have a little spray bottle that originally held a natural sanitizer. Now I replace the contents with grain alcohol, some water, some lavender oil, and some glycerin. Works great and smells good!
Somerset, NJ - 8 yearss ago
Amanda WartonThe EWG's 2010 Report on sunscreens was really eye-opening. I had to throw some bottles I use frequently out since I am breastfeeding. http://www.ewg.org/2010sunscreen/full-report/
Washington, DC - 8 yearss ago