Anya EdwardsSurprise! Last night when shopping for automatic dishwasher detergent, I saw "phosphorous" on the label. Today I did some research & discovered that despite limits & bans on use of phosphates in laundry detergents, there are currently NONE on phosphates in automatic dishwashing detergents. The article below provides some information on brands that are both effective & phosphate-free including Seventh Generation and Ecover Natural. This reminds me more than ever to check my labels, especially for soaps! Higher than normal phosphate levels have devastating effects on natural bodies of water, as they allow algae to grow fast/"plume" which has a chain reaction on larger marine life, makes water unsuitable for swimming and spoils drinking water sources. Please reply to this post if you've recently been surprised by how difficult it is to find the truth about an environmental hazard or contaminant you were trying to avoid!
Bethesda, MD - 8 yearss ago
Greg JenkinsWe use a product called Bright Green, sold at Safeway, which is biodegradable, and phosphate free. It is about the same price as other detergents and our glasses come out looking good, so the phosphates aren't unnecessary.

Using this product makes sense for another reason. When dishes are rinsed some detergent residue will inevitable get left behind - and these trace amounts, when digested, can add up over time.
Washington, DC - 8 yearss ago