Kat JohnsonEco Salon right in Soho, John Masters boasts an Eco-friendly environment, from wind powered energy, to reclaimed and refurbished furniture. A trendy example of how Green can be infused into business and culture! Any examples of this in your neighborhood? http://www.treehugger.com/files/2009/10/john-masters-organics-eco-consci...
Washington, DC - 9 yearss ago
Susan KlineThe PA Farm Show has one wind power generator. There may be a few more around that I haven't seen. I would love to see more. I look forward to the day when it's a common practice to incorporate these alternatives in new construction and when it becomes more affordable to add to existing homes. I would love to add solar to my roof. Something that blends in and looks like it's a part of the structure. Maybe they already make roofing tiles that contribute to your energy uses. That's my dream.
Camp Hill, PA - 9 yearss ago
Mary O'ConnorSusan, your dream has come true - this article was posted in the NYT late last month & includes some great photos. SRS Energy of Philadelphia is one of the manufacturers mentioned. They're calling it a "novelty" but especially in places like California I believe it will become standard. THE main way for homes to harness solar power today is through bulky panels added to the rooftop or mounted on the ground. But companies are now offering alternatives to these fixed installations, in the less conspicuous form of shingles, tiles and other building materials that have photovoltaic cells sealed within them. http://www.nytimes.com/2009/09/27/business/27novel.html
Stevensville, MD - 9 yearss ago