Natural Lifestyle NetworkFind out things you really didn't want to know about sunscreens (both natural and chemically-bsased) in this article and the clickable research linksA few days ago, the Environmental Working Group released its fourth annual Sunscreen Guide, and the verdict is eye-opening to say the least. Scientists rated 500 sunscreens based on the safety of their ingredients and the effectiveness of the SPF. Of those, they will only recommend 8 percent of them.   Why do most sunscreens fail so miserably?   Read the article.

So which sunscreens do you use and how useful have you found them?  For all of us who are confused and unsure what the heck to use anymore, who does one believe?  Do we really just need to stay out of the sun for more than few minutes at a time to really be safe?  That's no fun!  On the other hand, I know several people personally who were (I thought) highly unlikely candidates for melanoma, yet they were diagnosed with it.   Healthcare professionals out there, we'd love to hear from you about this.....

Exton, PA - 8 yearss ago
Sara GreenbergI am a big fan of sun-blocking clothing, especially for my children. Most children's swimsuits now come with ray-blocking, wetsuit-style "shirts." Kids love to wear them because they look like surfer clothes! There are all kinds of new hats that are made of tightly woven fabric we've tried as well.

As for actual sunscreens, I follow the EWG's recommendations - I lost a little sleep over this very article a little earlier this summer.

I spent a ton of time looking at labels in the store & was even steered totally wrong by a few well-meaning sales associates in my local Sephora. I now simply remember the brands that don't contain oxybenzone & phalates. I shop at Whole Foods for California Baby & Alba Botanica brands, and use La Vanila's lip balm sunblock. All are very "clean."

I'm in a constant state of re-checking labels when new research comes out. This is a very important thing to stay on top of, especially with young children's developing immune & hormonal systems.
McLean, VA - 8 yearss ago