Ryan GeraghtyI am thinking of buying a Ford Fusion hybrid for my next car, but there is a big price difference between the Hybrid and non-hybrid models. The nicely equipped hybrid is almost $32k, where as a similarly equipped v4 model would run $26.5k. That is a $5.5k difference, is it really worth it? I am guessing that money wise, it is not. I won't make up that difference in the time I own the car, unless gas skyrockets (which is possible), so the real draw of the car would just be the fact that it is a hybrid, and has reduced emissions. What do you all think, hybrid or not?
Salisbury, MD - 9 yearss ago
Joseph KunkelI have heard better things about the Hybrid model versus non hybrid models for the fusion. I would recommend getting the Hybrid. But they are very popular, so good luck finding one!
Washington, DC - 9 yearss ago
Ryan GeraghtyThanks!
Salisbury, MD - 9 yearss ago
Robin Little feather HannonIf you are doing a lot of commuting it will pay for itself. If you just want to go green it's a good alternative if a bit pricey. That being said there are a few new cars on the market now that are very gas efficient and less expensive. My husband has a hybrid and he loves it. His commute though is fairly extensive and on certain days can take nearly an hour and a half, so the car does pay for itself.
Frederick, MD - 9 yearss ago
Susan KlineI would love to have a hybrid also. I have been surprised that some of the hybrids on the market don't get that much better gas mileage. I believe Prius is the leader. It makes me wonder if our car companies are holding back the technology. Why can Prius give such great gas mileage and others can't. I have also been told that to replace the batteries is extremely costly. I haven't verified this.
Camp Hill, PA - 9 yearss ago