Cynthia ChatfieldOne of the important reasons I created the NLN website was to ultimately help these types of communities come together (and to eventually live in one!). I believe this is where we're eventually going as a society in the future. These are social environments with like-minded people who are passionate about living a low-impact, eco-conscious, wellness-oriented lifestyle. I'm aware of some, but I'd love to know about what types of these communities are available and how NLN can participate in promoting them, or assist in the creation and growth of new ones. Let us know what you know about this!
Exton, PA - 9 yearss ago
Elizabeth BanksJust got a newsletter from the MD USGBC people with a notice about a new sustainable community now being launched in Perryville, MD. I'll try to find the name and website and post that soon. Looked very interesting, just of Interstate 95 so very accessible to both Baltimore/DC and Philly/Wilmington.
Washington, DC - 9 yearss ago
Ryan GeraghtyKeep us updated!
Salisbury, MD - 9 yearss ago
Elizabeth BanksIt's called Woodlands Perryville and here's the link:
Washington, DC - 9 yearss ago
Janet PelletierHi All, I just wanted to call your attention to the community I am working to build and hope to live in one day...Three Groves Ecovillage in West Grove, PA. Visit us at --Janet.
West Grove, PA - 9 yearss ago
Amanda WartonThe Alliance for Sustainable Communities is Annapolis's answer to this question: There is also a State of Maryland Commission of Environmental Justice and Sustainable Communities (CEJSC): The Institute for Sustainable Communities advocates for these issues on a Federal level, and notably supports Moss Point, Mississippi in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.
Washington, DC - 9 yearss ago