Natural Lifestyle NetworkI'll bet you don't check expiration dates on most products you buy, but at Sams Clubs, you definitely should.  I purchased a pack of HP printer color ink cartridges and didn't get around to using the last one for about 8 months.  When I inserted it, I got the message that the cartridge was past its expiration date and the printer would not accept it.  I had to go out and buy a new one (and NOT at Sams).  After this, I checked a large bottle of Advil I was considering purchasing and sure enough, the expiration date on the bottle was in only 3 months.  It would have taken me a couple years to use that whole bottle.  The moral:  if you consider expiration dates important at all, you'd better check them at Sams Clubs--and possibly other discount stores.  They probably buy "about to expire" merchandise for less--best to be aware of what you're getting.
Exton, PA - 8 yearss ago
Amanda WartonThanks for posting this tip! I had the same experience at Costco when I purchased a large bottle of Ibuprofen. I'd say this is an excellent tip / word to the wise anytime one buys in bulk.

A family member of mine is a chemist who does premarket drug testing for a living. He says that many drugs become toxic past their expiration dates. Refrigerating some drugs can help preserve them a little longer.
Washington, DC - 8 yearss ago