Whole Foods Made Easy Part 1
Discover the difference between whole, minimally processed and processed foods
One of the simplest things you can do for your health is to add more whole foods to your plate on a regular basis, but if you don’t know much about whole foods then this can make this simple fix a nightmare. If your diet is mainly made up of processed, nutrient poor quick convenience foods and you want to get more of the healthier, happier, whole foods stuffs into your diet, read on!
What’s a whole food?
These are by far the best foods to comprise the majority of your diet from. They are foods in their whole state that haven’t been processed at all, i.e.
Fresh fruits and vegetables (apples, pears, berries, spinach, potatoes, peas, avocados, tomatoes, cucumbers, celery, melons, coconuts, mangos, pineapple, oranges, lemons, onions, leeks, kale, broccoli etc)
Legumes (lentils, pulses, beans)
Fresh fish, seafood, poultry & meat
Whole grains
Raw nuts and seeds
Fresh herbs and spices, etc

What are minimally processed whole foods?
These are foods that have been minimally processed, sometimes to increase their nutritional content, but other times to extend their shelf life, either way they are the next best thing to whole foods and much better than processed foods. These include
Some tinned foods ( as long as the label states just that food and maybe one or 2 other ingredients that aren’t chemicals, i.e. tinned kidney beans where the only ingredients are kidney beans and water)
Some frozen foods (again check the label)
Dried or dehydrated ingredients (i.e sundried tomatos, raisins, dates without preservatives added)
Fermented vegetable (good quality sauerkraut)
Kefir (coconut, milk, pineapple etc)
Nut milk (just soaked nuts and water blended)
Homemade vegetable juices 0r fruit juices etc

What is a processed food?

These are foods which have been taken far from their whole state, heavily processed with things added to them or nutrients stripped from them i.e.
Fast foods, junks foods, white bread, white pasta, white oil, white rice, Tinned foods with preservatives added to them, commercial cakes, crisps, cookies, heavily fried foods, foods with MSG (Mono Sodium Glutamate), Aspartame and trans fatty acids, frozen microwave meals, chocolate bars, sweets, chewing gums, sugar laden breakfast cereals, sodas (fizzy drinks), juices from concentrate etc

What’s the point of getting more whole foods into my diet?
When foods are in their whole state, especially if they are organic, fresh and raw, they typically contain the most vitamins, minerals, good fats, enzymes and good clean sources of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. All of this means that when you eat whole foods you are feeding and nourishing your body with things that will help it to produce vibrant energy, heal, repair and grow itself, making you look great, feel great and think clearly. This is the point of your foods, to give you a good fuel source to function on.

What happens when you eat processed foods?
When foods are processed and harmful chemicals are added to them, they become useless and even dangerous to the body as a fuel source. Useless because they don’t give your body any nutrients, therefore no energy to do anything with, and furthermore some of them have to take nutrients from your body to be digested and absorbed (which is quite cheeky actually!!!).
They are dangerous because many of the added chemicals can damage your internal organs and the heavy processing methods change the structure of the nutrients making it dangerous to the body also. So when you eat these foods, your body has to use its energy and nutrients to protect itself from their effects, which isn’t always easy to do

In part 2, we’ll look at the top tips for getting more delicious whole foods into your diet

Take care & Stay Healthy,

Leah Salmon
The Naturally You Coach

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