Who Are You Living With?
Our Animal Companions are Angels in Fur Coats.

Angels are everywhere! Everyone has a different type of understanding of what angels are and what they do. There are news stories galore now about angels appearing when no one was looking. We often look into the faces of angel’s everyday and don’t recognize them. If we lift the veil we can see the love of God in the eyes that stare back at us lovingly each day. So who are these angels?

They are our animal companions, the spiritual beings we often share our lives with. As angels our animals teach us to live in the moment. Our animal companions love us with all their body and soul; even when humans have been cruel to them they often are still loyal and loving. They forgive us even when we cannot forgive ourselves. They fill the role of earth angels. They teach us about balance by showing us how to relax, to play, and how to enjoy simple interactions with another living being. They live for today and don't worry about tomorrow, and they seldom, if ever, bother about the past. They trust us completely and love us the same way.

To me, animals are much more than just beings we share our lives with. They are often grand angelic teachers wrapped up in fur coats. They are there for our ups and downs. They try to comfort us when we are hurting. They reflect back to us the love we search for from the minute we set foot on the planet. They are part of the divine. They each have a specific job they come here to do. Some are with us for a long time and there are others who are only with us briefly yet change our lives forever.

We often look at them as our children, our relationship or our teacher. More importantly for many of us they are here to help save our lives. How often have we heard about that special pet that was scheduled to be euthanized only to be adopted, then turning around and saving the family from certain death when their house caught on fire. Or the family pet that sits with a lost child in the woods to keep in warm until the child is found. These are examples of the many angels that move among us everyday.

More and more animals are being acknowledged for bridging that space between us and God. They help us to see the oneness of the universe if we choose. Even the wild animals that are around us have messages from the divine source if we choose to listen and see. They too are angels that are put in our path for a reason.

So you see, you do not just live with an animal, we have the ability to watch angels at work everyday! You are not their owner for in the spiritual realm of things no being can be owned for it is its own spirit. Look again in the face of your animal and what do you see and feel? What messages are these animal angels communicating to you? Are you ready to listen to the angel you share your home and heart with? They bring us the love of the infinite divine everyday if we as humans would only open our hearts!

About the Author:
Sherry TRUE - Spirit Paws & Sherry True ~ Alternative Animal Wellness Svcs

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