What's Love Got To Do With It?
A friend approached me during a recent course and asked, "How do love relationships fit into our spiritual growth?"
A friend approached me during a recent course and asked, "How do love relationships fit into our spiritual growth?" I didn't have time to give him my best attention, thus this article.

Spiritual Growth is refining my ability to live from the pivot-point of love that I am.

I need to get back to my basics to understand love. I am a soul. I am energy. I am an expression of God. The Bible says, "God is love." So I am love. Because I am love, I cannot give you my love and you cannot give me your love. We can share our love with each other. I radiate life when I allow my love to flow. WHEN I ALLOW IT TO.

My feeling part is where my love resides. The energy I call love flows through me like a river flows through a canyon. My feeling nature is the good, kind loving, understanding, fearless part of me, my true nature. When I am being me, I radiate love. When I am minding my own business and just being, I radiate life just as a young child radiates life. When I operate from the strong pivot-point of my true feelings, no one can give me anything and no one can take anything away from me. There is no fear of anything when it comes to love. Fear that someone can take love away from me or hurt me comes from something else.

My intellect houses all the games I have learned to play with myself. It houses the plastic, society-made feelings-of-the-intellect that I call emotions. You know, the little fears and limiting thoughts that place doubt where ever they can. If I am not clear about the difference between the love of my true feelings and the emotional love of my intellect, I can really create troubles for myself and the people I claim to love. I can become possessive, controlling and try to keep love in a cage. I attract what I am, not what I think I am.

When I meet someone I feel an affinity with, I experience a strong desire to express my love. My trust that the person will not "miss-use" the love I express, encourages me to really open up and let my love flow. It is a feeling I used to call "being in love." It is, in my opinion, the result of allowing myself to be myself and share honestly and openly with another person.

I am spiritually aware enough to realize that my life has an A to B and so does everyone else's. My life's path, my A to B, will probably not run beside yours always. Best-case scenario, we will go our separate ways when I pass on. More than likely, I will find my path takes a different direction, or theirs does, before one of us would like. Where I have experienced difficulty in loving relationships during my life is when I have catered to fear and tried to keep someone on the path I thought best for US or, more honestly, for ME. This is not a loving act in my opinion. This is a selfish act rooted in the emotion of fear of loosing love. We are all stronger and freer and more loving than that.

I have learned that being love is my answer. I love everyone. For 4 years I have been practicing "being the same with everyone" rather than "treating everyone the same." I practice loving people equally, no matter who they are to me. This means I treat a stranger with the same respect and love that I show my daughter. It also means I don't cater to my daughter anymore than I would to a stranger. It has been a difficult lesson that I am still evolving into.

I have decided that this is a higher way than being controlling and possessive and I am going to experience that higher way this life and every one hereafter.

My greatest teacher is Melissa. Melissa is a traveler. She loves to go to new places and experience different cultures and lands. Holding her back would be anything but an expression of love for her. She has taught me a lot about the fulfillment of letting go and allowing a person I love to be themselves. My life with her has proven that letting go and allowing the law of attraction to do its thing, to let love attract the love that is perfect for me at this time, is a very wise and fulfilling way to live.

Letting go can be a little scary at first. But deep inside, I think we all know that we need to return to being comfortable as free agents in the universe while here on earth in a physical body. I trust that no matter what, when I am radiating the love I am, I can't help but attract the same level of sincerity, respect and love back to me. The Universe will have it no other way. So ... have a little trust in your own love. Let it flow and stay enthusiastic about what you will attract into your beautiful life.

Thank you for letting me share.
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Melissa Kitto - Melissa Kitto- Balanced Living Institute

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