The Powerful Potential of BodyTalk to Help Us Heal
From explorer of life to cancer patient, this highly trained nurse, clinical specialist, teacher, organizational consult

From explorer of life to cancer patient, this highly trained nurse, clinical specialist, teacher, organizational consultant and leadership coach has finally found her real life’s work.

I am an explorer! To envision what could be from what exists and take action to make that happen excites and feeds every cell in my body.  This desire to know, to create and to make happen led me to explore diverse educational programs at such places as Boston University School of Nursing, the Boston University Master of Science program in Psych/ Human Behavior,   Organizational Systems at the Sloan School at MIT, The Leonard Davis Institute at U of Pennsylvania and many workshops and courses in leadership, systems, complexity science and chaos theory. I was fascinated with Systems theory and Complexity science and the workings of the body and organizations.  I was more fascinated by the connection of thoughts, feelings and physical symptoms of the individual and how the individual influenced the system and was influenced by it.  I devoured every bit of research about the mind/body connection. I studied extensively and trained in Reiki, NET, IET, Brennan HSP, Shamanic Drumming, Vibrational/ sound healing. I knew I was searching for something and was compelled to keep searching until I would find it.
I worked in a variety of industries to experience how different groups of people interacted and to learn different approaches. I taught Nursing, Leadership and Systems theory to undergraduate and graduate students.  I managed departments and directed divisions.  I provided leadership development, executive coaching and business consulting.   I often created new processes and approaches and even companies. Each experience added more knowledge and understanding as well as practical skills but I felt there was more. 
And then one day in 2003, I had appendicitis.  Through a routine lab test of the removed appendix, they found a rare form of cancerous tumor.  I was devastated by the diagnosis since the recommendation was that 1/3 of my colon needed to be removed.
In typical fashion I wanted a second opinion.  I didn’t stop at a second, I had to have 5.  I now had 5 different doctors all with different recommendations as to how to “keep me alive”.  One physician is the only world expert in this part of the country.  So I traveled to Washington DC to get his opinion.   He told me that taking out my colon was not the right solution.  His recommendation was to take out my spleen, uterus, ovaries and gall bladder, scrub my greater and lesser omentum with something akin to Brillo, obliterate my navel and then pump a mixture of Chemo into my abdominal cavity leave it there for five days be in the hospital for a month and then I would be fine. So from a portion of my colon to practically a total evisceration!  When I mentioned this he responded…”What’s the problem. It’s only a few organs!!!”  His last statement to me was “You better do this quickly, otherwise in 6 months your belly will blow up and you will be dead!”
I didn’t believe that I was ready to say good bye to all those parts of me even though there was no indication that anything had spread. This was simply a preventive, just in case measure.  What to do? Although I had the same parts as everyone else, every one of my parts, every cell, operated in a unique congruent harmony to ensure and maintain a remarkable balance that belonged only to me.  How was the solutions identified going to address the unique way that this rare cancer had been created in me?  What parts were being overused and what parts underused?  What combination of integration was needed?
I decided that I needed to take charge of my own life and not relinquish my choices. I began on a quest to approach this as a system issue and not a symptom issue. I was determined to not just get rid of the cancer but to create an environment where the cancer would not be able to be fed!!  I changed my diet, began a different type of exercise and began to study and receive regular Chiropractic, Acupuncture and Shamanic healing.  My Chiropractor introduced me to what he called BodyTalk™.   …  “This fascinating combination of approaches that is pretty remarkable”.  I was open to remarkable and fascinating so I agreed.  I was hooked.  I wanted to learn this.  I was even fascinated by the name. 
After the basic course, I knew I had finally found a framework that provided me a structure for combining  my knowledge of the body, brain, and emotions, organizational systems and group dynamics, the energetic approaches of acupressure, acupuncture, Reiki, NET; the philosophy of Buddhism, Chakras, systems theory, complexity theory and quantum physics.
BodyTalk™ fed my desire to create wholes by seeing and integrating the parts with my desire to honor the uniqueness of every part and every individual system.  I learned that BodyTalk™   stimulates the body’s own internal resources to re-connect communication circuits, aid each part in relearning its intended function and re-pattern how we respond.  Since it had taken 50 plus years to bring me to my present bodily patterns, it took some patience and dedication to help my body re-learn how to maintain a healthier balance.  I am now healthier and happier than ever and available to share what I have learned with others.
I am now certified in BodyTalk™  and I continue to explore the advanced BodyTalk work called PaRama.  But now I can explore within this framework that sees the world the way I always have …in wholes. After all my searching,  I am finally able to assist others to tap into their own bodily wisdom, honor their uniqueness and restore their body’s own individual resiliency and balance - on every level.  I know that in BodyTalk™ I have found the answer I’ve searched for my entire career—and indeed my entire life.
About the Author:
Jalma Mesnick Marcus - Jalma Mesnick Marcus, RN,BS,MS,CBP, PaRaMa Practitioner

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