The Four Spiritual Types of Perception
We all have all four of these perceptions or gifts. Each is important and none greater or lesser than the other.
"Why didn't she understand me? I was as clear as could be when I spoke to her?"
"I just don't understand what goes on in that child's mind!"
Have you ever had similar thoughts about the people in your environment? No one ever taught me that there are four basic personality types and that they are based upon inner (spiritual) perception. We call them the Four Gifts of Intuition, Vision, Prophecy and Feeling. We all have all four of these perceptions or gifts. Each is important and none greater or lesser than the other. However, one of them is your main avenue of communication with yourself and the world around you.

Your first gift is probably different than the first gift of your closest friend, wife or husband because people generally attract people around them with like states of consciousness but different first gifts. This is so we can grow faster through experience.

If your first gift is Intuition, you will pick up a thought and hear it in your mind. Understanding is very important to this type and the intuitive person's work is carefully thought out.

People with this gift are born leaders. If this is your first gift, you have a deeper understanding of what life is about and have little time for details. Your inner guidance gives you words, phrases and thoughts when you communicate with them. When you follow these insights and suggestions your projects are more successful. You tend to be creative in your solutions to problems because you prefer to be more original than conventional in your actions and ideas. Your intuitive part has the psychic ability of clairaudience (clear hearing).

If you are high in the gift of Vision, you need to see things. Your guidance communicates with you through pictures or symbols. You are able to organize easily and love to arrange things so that there is balance and harmony in your environment. This perception has the spiritual gift of clairvoyance; the ability to see things through the mind's eye that are only visible on the spiritual plane.

If Vision is your main gift, you may have a photographic mind that can easily remember names, dates and places that you have only seen once. It is easy for you to visualize how an empty room will look with furniture in it. You can always sense when a picture on a wall is tilted because you have a keen eye for detail. This part of you likes to be neat and organized. The Visionary gift is very interested in the picture of life and loves tradition. When something seems unconventional or goes against tradition, a person high in vision may begin to feel uncomfortable.

There is the Prophetic person who receives a thought as a knowing. This type quickly grasps the "total" concept or idea and has no interest in breaking it down intellectually. The prophetic is usually sensitive to precognition and their hunches, dreams and knowings have much to do not only with the future or the present, but how it affects others.

You cannot explain how you know what you know; you just know. When you talk to others, they often wonder how you seem to know things. In fact, you even respond to people with the words, "I know." You might be able to sense who is calling on the phone before you answer. How do you know? You are sensing what is happening in your environment through your inner knowing, or gift of Prophecy.

The Feeling type picks up a thought and translates it into a feeling. This individual's whole response to life depends upon how it feels. The feeling type's sense of touch is extremely well-developed and he/she can feel (sense) what other people are feeling. Because they are so highly sensitive, it is very important that they know how to discern their own feelings from those that don't belong to them. For example, there may have been a time when you shook hands with a person and suddenly felt uncomfortable, but you may have accepted the impressions as if they were your own when you were picking up how that person felt at the time. Feelers love to touch people, things, animals; anything that feels good to them. If your gift of Feeling is highly unfolded, you probably use a lot of gestures when you talk. This helps you put your feelings into words. Your Feeling gift has your abilities of healing, automatic writing and psychometry.

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Nathanal Conklin

Thank you for posting this and helping me find/grasp these concepts, and also helping further my knowledge. 

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