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You do not have a soul. You are a soul... an intelligent pattern of energy. You are more sensitive than you realize.
You do not have a soul. You are a soul... an intelligent pattern of energy. You are more sensitive than you realize. If you don't organize yourself so your energy is directed toward your goals, you will find yourself jumping all over the place in search of something creative to do. Or, you may simply escape from the pressure as a work-oholic, golf-oholic, TV-oholic or an alcoholic. Your sensitivity is always scanning for opportunities that match what you came to accomplish this lifetime.

A wise friend once told me, "You didn't come to earth for a vacation. You came to build."

I asked, "Build what?"

"Ask your Guidance," was his reply.

So I did. For years I asked them. Then one day they told me. "You came to discover the patterns that limit your spiritual freedom, heal them within yourself and share with as many as possible how you did it."

I am rather organized within. But I have holes in my training when it comes to being outwardly organized. I am part of the "go with the flow" generation and being organized just didn't fit my concepts of being spiritual. I lived the religious concept that what I need to accomplish my mission will come before me at the right time. Finally, 8 years ago, it did. In the form of a 20-something years-old New Zealand school teacher.

When my business partner Melissa Kitto and I met, she was living in London teaching school. She had come to the US to take a course I was teaching. She returned to London and I coached her through her first public lectures in the UK and when she came to the US, we started working together doing programs in the Washington-metro area and Virginia.

In only 6 years, Melissa has become one of the best known authorities on Angels in the USA, New Zealand, Australia, UK and Ireland. She has moved past me at great speed. Now, don't misread what I am writing here. I have a lot of respect for my abilities, experience and wisdom. But the truth is, Melissa is more organized. She has channeled that organization into making what she truly loves to do into a well-paying business. What she is teaching me is that deciding what I want and making clearly defined, written-down goals is a great way to live my mission, my dream.

So what does this have to do with sensitivity and living a spiritual life? In my opinion, it has a great deal to do with it. Our Inner Guidance (Angels) will not interfere with our free will. If I don't tell them what I want, I make it really hard for them to help me without interfering with my free will. If I do make what I want clear, I get it very quickly. So why am I finding it so challenging to keep myself goal oriented and what I want very clearly in front of me?

Fear of Success. If I focus on organizing my goals, I will free myself from a considerable amount of pressure. On some unconscious level, that is frightening. So frightening, that with all my understanding of how refining my organization would vastly improve my life, I still don't do it to my potential. The next step in my quest for understanding is a deeper look at the situation with my guidance. This is where we can really work together to find solutions.

It starts with a daily key word so I have clearer spiritual direction. Every day, I regroup what I learned and spend some time with my angels working on my organization goal. Goal! I have been working on a goal for the past two years! My goal was to move my communication with my Guidance to a higher level so I can get the answers I need and I have accomplished that goal.

OK then. Guess all I need to do now is formulate some questions; questions that will give me the facts I need to move out the habit of being somewhat organized rather than fully organized. I can do that! I know the What. Now all I need to do is work with my Guidance on the When, Where, Why and Who is getting something out of me not living to my full potential.

And because I have consistent communication with my Angels worked out, getting those other 4 W's will be pretty easy. I just need to put a little more discerning between my feeling (sensing) and thinking (organization) so I can truly have a feeling for every thought and a thought for every feeling. I feel freer already.

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