Refinement from Within
It is important to become alert to your business, social and personal standards.
It is important to become alert to your business, social and personal standards. This can clarify which standards you absorbed from your environment, from the standards you inherited or the ones you brought with you from previous lifetimes. By examining the different vibrations of business, social and personal, you can start to sort these varying standards and qualities within yourself. This can strengthen the way you focus your boundaries and your perspective on life.

Business is black and white. It is factual and based upon the will. Efficient and consistent service is the core of every business. Business provides an opportunity for people to explore their talents while earning their daily bread. A spiritually-based business creates wealth through creating opportunity for others.

Of the four personality types, both Intuitives and Feelers lean towards business. The Intuitives need to have the facts and understanding, while the Feelers won't move without a blueprint. Fairness, facts and a feeling of belonging are crucial for the people highest in these two gifts. Overall, each person's standards of business depend upon how consistent they are at being of service.

Social is a chance for outflow and intermingling with others. The social energy is a mixture of both the personal and business vibrations. Socializing can be an opportunity to communicate and exchange ideas. It can also be a vacuum that limits your progress by ejecting little bits of pettiness, criticism or trivia.

Clear communication with others is a key to success in all areas of your life. But have you ever experienced drama, gossip and misunderstandings getting in the way of good communication with others? When people's feelings get hurt, it gets in the way of business. Being sociable is crucial to finding your clients and reaching the people you want to reach. Just make sure you socialize from your true feelings- not emotions.

The Visionaries and Prophetics are inclined towards the social energy. The Visionaries love communicating their common denominator in social atmospheres, while the Prophetics love fellowshipping with people and having a good time.

Your social standards depend upon your first seven years and the concepts of prestige (or greater than and lesser than) you inherited. You can unfold your own social standards by being more militant to keeping an open mind and by avoiding a judgmental vibration.

Personal is your measuring stick for your fulfillment. It is your gauge to whether your actions and achievements are reaching your goals and aspirations. This tells you how close you are to living your spiritual thrust, or your life purpose & calling. Through personal involvement, you can uncover the joy of living one breath at a time. Your personal life is sacred. It is something you can either share or guard privately.

Your personal standards pivot around your spiritual thrust. When your direction is clear, your standards grow and expand with quality ... your standards strengthen. If you waver from one pivot to another, your standards may grapple to please the people around you, leaving your standards empty and fiberless.

Your consistent growth and outlook on your life greatly depends on your spiritual fiber. The composition of that fiber relies on how sure you are of yourself and how much you depend upon or cater to other people's opinions and influences. This also indicates how sure you are of your original impressions and how aware you are of outside persuasion in your flexibility.

You are as perfect as you can be, today. Take a little time to regroup, refine and move forward to even great perfection tomorrow. You can refine yourself only from within. As Francisco said so many times, "By the inch, its a cinch. By the yard, its hard." Do your best to enjoy being the perfection you already are and practice living from an organized pivot, in the beautiful now.

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