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Food serves many functions beyond physical nourishment. When we are spiritually and emotionally bereft, it serves to fil

Food serves many functions beyond physical nourishment. When we are spiritually and emotionally bereft, it serves to fill the void at the bottom of our soul. While this may satisfy us for a while, it is simply a band-aid solution, ultimately causing more harm than good.

The problem with over-eating is at least two-fold. It provides a temporary distraction from our issues and problems, and it packs on the pounds, resulting in obesity, poor health, and spiritual and emotional numbness.

In order to lose weight and maintain the loss, it is necessary to recognize the deeper issues in our body/mind, confront them, and deal with them on a daily basis. By not picking up the food when we are not truly physically hungry, as well as concentrating on eating only the most nutritious food, we allow space for feelings and emotions to manifest in all aspects of our being. In this way, the feelings and emotions can be recognized and dealt with, if we choose to. In the process, we gain self-esteem, confidence, and the desire to treat our body as our temple, honoring it and taking care of it.

  What this means in the practical world is that we have to learn how to refrain from eating as soon as we feel a craving, When a craving hits, we have to determine if we are really hungry, or if there was something else going on. One way to do this is by sitting down, becoming quiet and centered, and perhaps taking out a journal and starting to write. You will find, more often than not, that you are eating in order to avoid feeling something uncomfortable. Ironically, even happy thoughts can be an occasion for avoidance. It is at this point that we have to learn to deal with deeper issues that are the impetus for our overeating.

What I call Primary Food is the source of nutrients that help us deal with the deeper issues, including spirituality, psychological health, relationship, exercise and other essential dimensions of life. It is nourishment that does not come on a plate. As we increase self-esteem and good feelings about ourselves, are we then able to understand the dynamic and correct it.
If you can identify your "Primary Food" issues, you can work with someone to come up with individual solutions and approaches. You can find the food plan that will work synergistically with all other aspects of your growth and development. In other words, you can identify and select foods that will honor your body as well as nourish your soul.
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Evelyn Chadwick - Evelyn Chadwick Health Counselor Primary Well Being

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