Losing Weight And Slowing Up
Did you know that mindful eating is at least half of the puzzle of weight loss? Let your path to weight loss become....

Did you know that mindful eating is at least half, if not more, of the puzzle of weight loss? In fact, when we include the "mindful" part, our path to weight loss becomes less of a battle, and more of a wonderful journey.

In reality, slowing up revs up your metabolism, as opposed to slowing it down. That's why the term "slowing up", instead of "slowing down" has been used. I first came across this in the book "The Slow Down Diet", by Marc David, published by Healing Arts Press. Some of what the author talks about in the book is summarized below. Because we live such a hectic life, once we slow up, we allow our body to

  • reduce stress,
  • digest our food better,
  • absorb nutrients more efficiently,
  • take in more oxygen to provide us with more energy, and
  • generally increase our metabolic power.

What this basically comes down to is that if our meals are deficient in time, awareness, pleasure, relaxation, rhythm, thought, story, and the sacred, as well as high quality food, we are doing ourselves a great disservice and working at cross purposes with our body.

These 8 things can do wonders for your health, the assimilation of nutrients you consume, and reduction of stress in your body:

  • It's essential to relax when eating, so that our bodies can unwind and avoid activating the stress response, including increased blood pressure, cortisol and respiration, insulin resistance and a myriad of other problems, ultimately shutting down digestion. When we relax while eating, we take more time with our preparation and consumption of our meals, giving us more time to think and breathe. Conscious breathing lowers our stress response, this allowing our digestive processes to function more fully.
  • Of course, improving the quality of the food we eat is one of the most important things we can do to lose weight. We will get greater nutritional value. Many times, people who think they have no will-power are really just trying to give their bodies the good nutrition it requires, instead of the "junk" it so often receives.
  • Awareness is another important piece of the puzzle. If we eat with awareness, we are better able to access our "gut wisdom" and listen to what our body is telling us. It will help us to determine what foods and how much are best for us.
  • Finding our correct rhythm, as in eating regularly, and getting adequate rest and leisure time, enables us to maximize our metabolism. The body digests most efficiently when the sun is at its highest, and less efficiently in the evening. This should be taken into account when planning meal times and other activities.
  • Pleasure also enhances nutrient absorption because is brings into force the relaxation response as discussed above, thus increasing our metabolic power.
  • Our thoughts are transformed into physiological responses, and are therefore a nutritional choice. Therefore if we have positive thoughts about food, we will maximize out metabolism. If we have negative thoughts, the reverse is true. If we are driven by fear, we start the stress response and things deteriorate from there.
  • Our story influences our metabolism. We all come with a history of eating patterns. If we can rewrite our story, thinking of how we want our relationship with food to be, we can use this new relationship to shape our vision of the future, including our health and our weight.
  • Last but not least, is the power of the sacred. This includes rituals, and other sacred qualities, such as compassion, letting go, love, forgiveness, and a host of others. When we treat our food and body with love and reverence, we release a healing force within ourselves leading to a path of transformation that is not just about weight loss but about the very meaning of our existence.
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Evelyn Chadwick - Evelyn Chadwick Health Counselor Primary Well Being

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