How to Thrive and Embrace Change in These Turbulent TImes
In the space of five days here in Virginia, we experienced a significant sized earthquake, a severe electrical storm...

In the space of five days here in Virginia, we experienced a significant sized earthquake, a severe electrical storm and a hurricane! All of these events are rare in Virginia, so to have all three in the space of a week was pretty shocking.

There hasn't been a hurricane here for 9 years, and there hasn't been an earthquake of that magnitude (5.8) for over 100 years! I can't help thinking how symbolic it is of the changes and shifts that are happening in people's lives and on the planet as a whole at this time.

Several years back, around 2000 or so, I read several predictions of turbulent weather events happening on the planet. Edgar Cayce predicted that New York City would be flooded underwater and would exist no more. Nostradamus predicted major earthquakes across the globe. At the time I was reading the predictions it was pretty hard to believe it would actually come true. It just seemed so far-fetched.

Well, luckily Hurricane Irene lost severity so didn't hit New York City as badly as had been predicted, but what if it had been a stronger storm? NYC being flooded under water suddenly doesn't seem so far-fetched.

Of all the world events and disasters that have occurred in the last year, the one that has been the most difficult for me to witness is the severe earthquakes that have hit my home town of Christchurch, New Zealand. The place that I spent the first 23 years of my life is very near and dear to my heart. I think most people feel that way about their childhood home. There's something very special about the place you spent those formative childhood years.

Well since three major earthquakes (and thousands of aftershocks) have hit Christchurch, the city center will be vastly different than it was before. Hundreds of buildings are being demolished and the city will be rebuilt. I am a visionary so I still have a crystal-clear picture in my mind of what Christchurch used to look like. I'll go back home next year and it will probably feel like I'm in a different place. I'm sure it will be a shock to the system!

My angels have told me this is very symbolic of the shifts and changes that are occurring on the planet. You've heard that old cliché, the only constant is change? Well that is never more true than right now. Even those things that we feel we can rely on, that we may think are a constant in our lives - could change and shift completely at any moment. For me an example of this is thinking I could go home to Christchurch once a year and everything would look the same and would feel familiar and homely. I can't rely on that anymore.

You have your own examples. Some of you have lost your jobs. Some of you have lost your homes to foreclosure. Some of you have lost relationships. The key is to go beyond the surface thinking of society. Society (or we call it the maze!) dictates that you should feel upset and angry about change and try to hold on to the way things were. Society tells you to suffer. Actually if you saw the change from your angel's perspective, you would see that all change and loss is positive and good!

There has to be a breakdown before there can be a breakthrough. The planet needs to become more balanced. My angels shared with me that Western Society has been too masculine, and desperately needs to balance it with feminine or FEELING energy. Eastern society has been too feminine and needs to balance it with more masculine or INTELLECT energy. We are moving in to the age of personal freedom. So all paradigms of dictatorship must crumble. That is why all of a sudden the oppressed people of the Middle East began to rise up and protest. Why now? After being oppressed for over 40 years? It happened now because that type of control over people can no longer continue in the new paradigm of a balanced earth.

The biggest breakdown of what I know and love occurred in my life when my father died in 2006. It was a complete and utter shock. Tiger Coll called me the day I found out and said something I will never forget. He said, "That's fantastic! Celebrate! Have a drink!" That's definitely not what society would expect you to say when you find out your friend's parent just died suddenly. But again, if you step in to the bird's eye view perspective of your angels, that's exactly what your angels would say!The angels would be celebrating a soul who has completed his life's work and welcoming him home to the universe. It's a joyous occasion.

Do you think that way about losing your job/marriage/house? Do you think of it as a joyous occasion?

It's OK to experience any emotions that may arise from turbulent and difficult circumstances in your life. Your intellectual nature will experience emotions such as fear, sadness, anger, etc. Don't suppress those emotions. Just let them rain through you and release them. Otherwise you are clogging up your energy and that will do you more harm than good.

I know the people of Christchurch went through a slew of those emotions during the ongoing earthquakes. It's normal and natural to feel that way. The key is not to stay in that place. Experience those emotions when they come up, but then come back to a bigger picture of why this is happening on the Planet and why it's happening in your life. Like Tiger shared, it's actually a joyous occasion.

Many people in Christchurch are now excited about the new city being built. It seems there are some wonderfully innovative architects in New Zealand who are designing a spectacular new city with a new train transportation system, a garden where the square used to be and much more. So the next time I go home to Christchurch I have a choice of seeing the city from two different perspectives. I could feel sad and upset about the town I knew and loved being gone forever. Or I could embrace the loss of the buildings as exactly the change that needed to occur and realize that the city will be even better because of it. That choice of perspective is up to me. I have free will.

And so do you. We are right in the midst of the turbulent times that all those prophets predicted. It's going on for a few years yet. You have a choice. You can dwell on the negatives or you can celebrate the changes that are happening as preparing the foundation for the new balanced, exciting years to come. It just gets better from here.

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