How to Release Limitations and Accomplish Your Desires
Whether you realize it or not, you unconsciously create your experiences in life...
"Whether you realize it or not, you unconsciously create your experiences in life. Your unconscious fears are like goals. If you dwell on something long enough, you attract it or move toward it." -Dr. Francisco Coll

When I took Tiger Coll's "Spiritual Contracts" workshop in 2008 I had a big "a-ha" moment. I learned that what I truly want and desire deep down inside is EXACTLY the same as my life purpose- my spiritual mission this lifetime.

This was a big shift in mindset for me. Before that time, without consciously realizing it, I would deny myself what I wanted. I would set goals based on what I thought I could accomplish, rather than what I REALLY wanted.

Now I know that I can accomplish ANYTHING I desire, as long as I organize myself to accomplish it. I continue to grow and improve in this area, and help many of you to do the same.

Here is what I have come to absolutely believe to be true:
If you deny yourself what you truly want, you are denying your Life Purpose.

This means EVERYTHING that you want. No desire is more important than another. Your wants could include material things, money, spiritual growth, time with friends and family, fun experiences, learning opportunities, career and business achievements, romantic relationships etc etc.

Have you taken the time to discern and decide what it is that you really want? If not, do it this week. Write down what it is that you truly desire.

Now when I tell you that you can have anything you want - what goes through your mind? Probably all the excuses and reasons why that is not true. For example, you really want to travel around the world. But then you think:

"I don't have time."
"I have to look after the kids. I can't pull them out of school."
"I can't afford it."
"I need to be more practical and stay in my job right now. Maybe I can do it when I'm retired."
...and so on and so on.

Are these excuses true? Well, to a certain extent. They are only true if you believe them.

Let me say that one more time. Your excuses are only true if you believe them.

If you don't believe them, they're not true. They are false beliefs.

So, if you have the desire to travel around the world for a year, then there is something in it for you. You wouldn't have the desire in the first place if it wasn't possible for you to achieve that goal. You wouldn't even come up with the idea.

The limiting thoughts pop into your mind because of blockage areas and fears. In our consulting work, my partner Richard and I, and many other wonderful ALC consultants around the world, help you move through these blocks. That is one of the most worthwhile investments you could make in yourself and your life.

If you truly believed that spending a year traveling around the world was possible for you, then you would start to see the solutions and opportunities that already exist which will allow you to do it. That's why I say that you wouldn't even have the desire unless the way for you to have it already existed. The solution is there for you. Your guardian angels will help you find it. But first you must believe it is possible.

For many years I have wanted to finish the basement in our home. It doubles as my home office, so it drags on my energy to not have it done. But the idea of spending that much money seemed impossible. I simply didn't believe it could be done. Money was always the biggest excuse for me. How about you?

But now I believe I can achieve that goal. And because my belief has shifted, it is now manifesting. We are purchasing the materials and getting started on the project. The same project that I thought would never be possible in my life because it was too big and too expensive. What is it in your life? Many of you that I talk to are dissatisfied in your jobs and would love to be an entrepreneur. If you have that desire, you need to follow through!

Once you have the belief, you will be open to finding the solution to achieve your goal and live your desires. Then, just stay in tune with the right timing, take action in priority order, and be patient. Along with the Law of Attraction there exists another Universal Law which is the Law of Germination. It takes a certain amount of time for an acorn seed to germinate, sprout and grow and become an oak tree - years! Well, it's the same with your goals depending on how big they are. Don't be unrealistic and expect to have everything tomorrow! Allow enough time for you to gain experience, learn and grow.

Keep taking action! Step by step, you will get there. Prioritize and organize yourself to achieve your goals.

About the Author:
Melissa Kitto - Melissa Kitto- Balanced Living Institute
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