How to Meditate in Your Own Style
We all know that it’s important to take some time out to meditate daily. It’s one of those many things...
We all know that it’s important to take some time out to meditate daily. It’s one of those many things on the to-do list of being a “good and efficient” person. Along with nurturing your relationship, spending quality time with your kids, cooking healthy meals, exercising, reading, organizing your clutter… The list goes on and on! We all live busy lives these days so it’s not surprising that many people struggle to find time to meditate.

The way that most people have been taught to meditate is just not practical for our busy Westernized lives. You’ve probably sat down and tried to think of nothing, and after a very short time given up frustrated because you can’t quiet your mind. You tell yourself you can’t meditate and give up.

Well I’m here to give you permission to meditate in your own unique style. There is no right or wrong way to meditate. And your unique style of meditating depends a lot on which of the four spiritual gifts is your strongest. If you’re not familiar with these four spiritual gifts, here’s a brief description of each one.

If intuition is your primary gift you are clairaudient. Insights and guidance come in through your thoughts and your inner voice. You are always thinking! When you contemplate an idea a new thought will come to you. If you slow down and take time to meditate with your guidance you will hear words and phrases in your mind. You may even hear your name called, or hear the lyrics of song playing in your mind.

If vision is your primary gift you are clairvoyant. Instead of the inner voice you have inner vision. You can see things in your mind’s eye very vividly and in color. Your angels SHOW you the messages through pictures, symbols, colors or dreams. You usually dream in color.

If prophecy is your primary gift, you sense and know things. Impressions come to you constantly as you sense and tune in to your environment. You naturally know things without being told. You have premonitions and inner knowings about the future. Ideas come to you constantly that could be implemented next week, or 3 years from now. You are very creative and are continually generating new ideas and projects. You pick up inspiration from the universe.

If feeling is your primary gift, you are clairsentient and a natural healer. Your impressions and messages from your angels are feelings and hunches. You feel things very strongly and can be susceptible to picking up on the feelings of others. You can also experience physical sensations in the body such as warmth, tingling and strong emotional responses.

So here’s the secret about meditation. If your primary gift is Feeling, you will be able to quiet your mind when meditating. When Feelers are relaxed and tuned in to Spirit, they don’t think, they just feel. They will tune right in to the high energy of Spirit and feel one with it. I believe this is what the Eastern religions were teaching when they taught to quiet your mind. They were experiencing oneness through their feeling gift.

On the other hand, if your primary gift is Intuition, you will find it very difficult, if not impossible, to quiet your mind through meditation. As soon as you cleanse, tune in and relax you will start to pick up impressions through your clairaudient abilities. And these impressions are thoughts. As soon as an intuitive relaxes, they will start thinking! This thinking is not necessarily a bad thing. The thoughts and words that come to your mind can be very wise and quite profound. It’s a good time to go with the stream of consciousness that comes to you and perhaps even make notes. Your angels are talking to you at this moment. If an intuitive tries to cut off this flow by stopping the thoughts, they are really trying to shut off their inner communication – and that’s just not natural.

If your primary gift is Prophecy, you are very psychic and sensitive. You are tuned in with the wisdom of the universe. When you sit down to meditate, amazing ideas, insights, plans and premonitions will come in to your consciousness. For prophetics, these ideas don’t come in an organized, orderly fashion. They will just arrive in a random, multi-faceted fashion. Again, if you try to stop thinking while meditating it will probably be a futile exercise. As soon as you relax, the impressions and ideas will stream into your consciousness. Why not go with it? You’ll probably learn something amazing for yourself and others.

If your primary gift is Vision, you’ll have a little bit of an easier time quieting your thoughts, but it will still be challenging. You’ll see visions, memories and daydreams of the past or the future. Your angels may be teaching you something, or you are picking up visual impressions and ideas.

If you have mastered the art of traditional Eastern meditation and it’s working for you - great! I’m certainly not an expert in that area. But, if you are one of the many, many people we talk to who say they can’t meditate, or have given up because they find it very challenging; I’d like to encourage you to have a new mindset about what meditation is, and how it can help you.

Instead of making the focus of your meditation to quiet your mind and shut off your thoughts, try choosing a new focus for your meditation. You could ask your angels for a keyword to focus on, or read a passage from an inspirational book, etc. Then meditate and contemplate on that focus point. As you do that, you will get amazing insights, wisdom and ideas come through to you through all four of your spiritual gifts. Take notes in your journal, or make mental notes of all the great wisdom you are learning. You will experience many “a-ha” moments I’m sure.

Another technique is that if you have a question, or a decision to make, ask the question in your mind and then stay open to receiving the answer. Go with what happens next. You might experience visions, feelings, premonitions, words, etc.

Meditation is indeed very important. It is your opportunity to take time out from your busy day and receive wisdom and understanding that can create a richer, more fulfilling life for yourself. You’ll get solutions to problems that seemed insurmountable and feel more confident and empowered. So, I encourage you to take time out each day to meditate. But don’t feel pressured to do it in a certain way. Develop a style that works for you.
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