Geobiology- The New Frontier
Learn about Geopathic Stress and how it may be affecting you, your health and your environment.

The fact that the earth produces radiations that can be both detrimental and/or positive to the health of plants and animals has long been recognized. 4000 years ago in China, Emperor Yu issued a decree to check building sites for noxious earth energies to prevent geopathogenic sickness (disease caused by earth radiations)

In recent years science has investigated these noxious energies and verified their effects. The term “Geopathic stress” is now the catch all term used to describe distorted earth energies. Defining Geopathic stress as “a geomagnetic disturbance which is geographically localized and which disrupts the homeostatic mechanisms of the sensitive patient.”

Research in Germany over the past the past 75 years supports the theory “that one is unlikely to develop cancer unless one has slept or stayed for long periods in Geopathic stressed places.” A Doctor Hagar has seen this scenario played out in over 5000 cases.

In 2005, while attending the two day graduate classes of the “Nature Lyceum School for Organic horticulture”, my eyes were opened to this phenomenon. A man by the name of Slim Spurling introduced the topic of GS and why we should be concerned about it. He stated that it is the common link to every major illness. After a brief introduction and description of the effects caused by GS, Slim walked slowly down the center isle of the room with his hands out palms down (tool less dowsing). As he walked he pointed at my wife, who was not feeling too well, and said “Ma’am, you’re sitting in the center line of GS.” Slim then put a piece of bare copper wire along the wall in line with the flow of the noxious energy diverting it. My wife’s environment changed immediately. Well that caught my attention. Slim proceeded and found a second GS line at the back of the room affecting two other women with similar results.

What causes Geopathic stress?

GS is believed to be caused by the otherwise natural healing vibrations of the earth being affected when encountering subterranean running water, faults, and certain mineral deposits. Also amplifying these noxious radiations are loose energies from mans’ overuse of electricity and wireless technologies in the form of bleeding wires, transformers, and cell phones. These energies are believed to be attracted to subterranean water forming three dimensional rivers of concentrated radiations. Experts believe that these radiations are 3-400 times more intense than they were 100 years ago mainly due to mans’ activities.

The effects on people include a wide range of symptoms and diseases not directly from GS, but developed from the gradual breakdown of the bodies’ immune system. The following is a partial list of consequences of exposure: cancer, heart problems, rheumatism, asthma, migraines, insomnia, arthritis, disorders of the stomach, kidney, bladder, liver, and gall bladder, meningitis, diabetes, leukemia, sterility, tuberculosis, nervous/emotional/mental disturbances, and varicose veins. Also strong evidence links GS to suicide, divorce, depression, high blood pressure, alcoholism, sudden infant death syndrome, road rage, nightmares, and hauntings.

On a cellular level, bioelectrical processes are affected. Healthy cells depend on a proper polarization of electrical charges on both sides of the cell. Assimilation of nutrients from the intestines and general cell health are compromised in the presence of GS.

Effects on farm animals and insects

It is said that in the past, animals such as sheep and oxen had been herded onto the land and their behavior observed. They always avoid GS. This information was used in building site selection. Animals such as horses, dogs, pigs, mice, goats, chickens, swallows, and fish all are known GS avoiders. Although dogs typically avoid GS, I know of two cases where the dog actually frequented GS locations in the home probably to protect the family. Both dogs developed illness including cancerous growths and premature death. GS cows tend to lose their natural sheen, have more mastitis, and have lower milk yield. Pigs react to GS by developing black spots. Piglets become restless, wean poorly, and have a higher death rate.

Oddly enough, there are GS seekers which will thrive in certain radiations. They include: ants, bees, wasps, beetles, and termites. Ant nests are often located over the junction of underground streams. Bees will typically produce more honey in a hive over GS. Molds, mildews, bacteria, viruses, cats, owls, and snakes are all attracted to GS.

Effects on plants

Susceptible plants may show signs of stunted and or cancerous growth, reduced fruit production, may grow or branch close to the ground when a straight trunk is the norm or they may simply die. How many times have people repeatedly planted trees or shrubs in the same location with failure after failure?

Varying intensities of GS may be beneficial to asparagus, mushrooms, certain medicinal herbs, fungus, nettles, and foxgloves. Trees include oak, elm, willow, sequoia, redwood, larch, apple, and apricot to name a few.

Detection signs and methods

Obviously there are many signs of GS already covered, especially concerning human health. Some other effects of GS include cracks in blacktop and concrete, problems with molds and mildew, crumbling plaster, recurring mechanical and electrical breakdowns everything from computers to light bulbs, frequent lightning strikes, lawns with sections that have trouble thriving, and neighbors or
complete neighborhoods with multiple illnesses.

Dowsing is the most common technique to identify GS. An in tune dowser can locate all kinds of GS including water veins, Hartman lines, vortexes, curry lines, ley lines (mostly considered positive or beneficial), global grids, and Schumann waves.

There are technological devices being developed and in use that are sensitive enough to detect these subtle energies. A Chiropractor friend of mine went out with a device he uses to scan the body for abnormalities and showed how it can be used to detect GS. Another interesting characteristic of GS is that photos taken with items or people in GS are often blurred by the energies.

What to do about it

If concerned you may be living in or affected by GS, one could contact the American Society of Dowsers, learn to dowse themselves, or use a Feng Shui person familiar with GS. Once GS is positively identified it is always best to move out of it although there many techniques to neutralize a percentage or all of these noxious energies utilizing different configurations of copper or other metals and/or crystals. There are also technologies that claim to actually transmute GS into healing beneficial energy.

With an estimated 8% of all people affected by GS, the time is here to acknowledge this phenomenon and reduce the pain and suffering associated with aggravated earth energies. This article is meant to simply introduce the reader to a very complex and intriguing subject.

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Susan Anderson - Seeds for Change Wellness Center

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